Pool Sanitisers - Ozone vs Electrolytic vs Magnesium vs hybrid

Hi - I am updating my pool.
I have spent the last 3 weeks reading about current trends and problems

the last time I did this was 19 years ago - I went from Salt Water to a Chemigem system to automatically feed Liquid Chlorine and Acid -
the Chemigem unit died a few years ago and I have been manually dosing since…
my pool pump died a couple of months ago

Does anyone have ANY experience with these alternatives ?

  1. the Ozone Swim is a hybrid system - ozonator with a Salt Cell to provide the Residual Sanitiser in the pool - can use either Minerals OR Salt in the cell… the advantage of the ozonator is that it kills those nasty chloramines and you can have lower chlorine-levels and PH is not as jumpy …it costs about an extra $1,800 more than ‘just having a salt cell on it’s own’
  2. Enviroswim is also a hybrid system - it has an Ioniser,[copper/ silver - to kill the algae - it is also a residual] an Oxidiser and an Electrolytic cell [ salt cell - for the residual] - it is advertised as chemical-free… but, it isn’t…
    3 Magnapool - this is the original Mineral blend - magnesium and potassium - it works the same as a Salt pool -
  3. Theralux - same as above - but, it isa mix of Magnesium and Salt
  4. I also had a look at the Waterco Hydroxzone ozonator - but, all the reviews that I saw online were bad and mostly they chucked them in … bcoz pools were always going green

Hi -
this has been a very demanding task - I have spent hours and hours researching on the net via OTHER Review-websites AND contacting and speaking to each of these Manufacturers.
I decided on Brauer Ozone Swim 2000 using Salt AND Theralux Minerals - the unit is a bit more expensive - BUT, it will kill all those nasties - it was installed on Wednesday 28th December.16
I have been swimming the last couple of days - and, the water is crystal clear and lovely and soft
… to cover the 'extra Cost ’ for the Brauer unit, I shopped around and saved money on the NEW pump and Glass Filter AND the Pool Clean/ Acid-wash - I didn’t buy an expensive " variable speed" pump because it will NOT save me money [because I need to run on at least “medium speed” for the Pool-cleaner anyway… ]
keep you posted…


hi, just an quick update - water is crystal clear - looks sooo inviting,. but, a bit too cold to jump in ( I haven’t installed the heater yet).
… The Ozone Swim has been operating on dial '6 ’ which is less than half recommended since January
… going to reduce number of hours for Autumn -from 4 mng + 4 evening - to 3 in mng and 3 in afternoon


Thanks for the update @ppa, I’m sure others in similar situations will find it valuable. Hopefully the water is warm enough soon to enjoy it :swimmer:


hi - Thought I would update my post - the pool water has been brilliant - thanks to Brauer Ozone One -
… During winter (until a few weeks ago, I was running the pump 4 hours a day and the ozone and chlorine dial down at 6).
… I started swimming a couple of weeks ago… Last week, the water temp got up to 23 to 24 degrees (yesterday was 20 degrees, but still great ).
… Chemicals - nothing bought since March - I threw in 1 bag of Salt in October, Bought 1 bag of Minerals $80 (threw into pool 2 weeks ago) and last Saturday spent $65 ( 2 bags Salt, a tub of Acid and bag of Stabiliser). I am going to buy a couple more bags of Salt and Minerals to see me through Summer.
… The pump is now timed to run 8 hours a day and dial is set to 14 for Chlorinator. Water is crystal clear.
. I haven’t added a heater to the pool at the moment ( I disconnected my old Pool Solar Heating Jan.17 because I did not think it was worth fixing)
my only comment, at the moment, is that the Brauer website Instructions and Maintenance information should be improved.


Thanks for the update @ppa :thumbsup:


@ppa are you still happy with the Brauer Ozone One all these years later? If yes, do you remember any more details as to why you went down this path over the alternatives?

I decided on Brauer Ozone Swim 2000 using Salt AND Theralux Minerals - the unit is a bit more expensive - BUT, it will kill all those nasties

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hi always,
yes, I am still happy with my Brauer Ozone One unit
… I use less chemicals, the water is crystal clear
… use less power

maintenance on the unit has been-
(1) December.20 - the ozone unit was not working- they replaced it (no cost).
(2) about Feb.21 - the ‘ozone check-valve’ that attaches to the plastic-piping needed replacing - it cost me $81 (including freight) - it was easy to ‘remove the old one’ & ‘attach/ clip on the new one’…

I haven’t used the Minerals since 2018 (bcoz the Therealux is expensive and not easy to get…)

  • just using Salt-bags instead…

my chemicals/salt/everything costs since 1/7/18 = $1,042 - over 3 years = about $350.pa…

when I went online last December re ‘my ozone not working’, I noticed that they have now subbed the Sales to another company & that the warranty had been extended…

I found Brauer very easy to deal with…
… my only wish would be that they had a permanent-address in Sydney…

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We are putting in a pool, we know that magnesium pools are more expensive but considering this as opposed to salt water, any thoughts on the pro’s and con’s please?


Welcome to the forum. I have moved your post to an existing thread which touches on your question.


Thanks, I understand your reasoning, but actually this thread is about ozone which is different. I had read it and it didn’t help which is why I posted my own question. Never mind, I’ll look at other sites for help.