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I would like to warn the Community about Snapfish. They are an online printing company that I trusted to print nearly 2000 of my photos (unfortunately I didn’t check reviews before I proceeded!). Their online ordering system is quick and easy and I waited with great anticipation for the delivery of the prints. They have arrived and unfortunately they all have to be thrown into the bin. They are printed on inferior paper and with ink that is so dull and drab. There is no clarity in the prints whatsoever. That lustre that I am used to getting from other printing companies is not there at all. They are like photos printed on a home printer - not professional at all. I have had no compensation from the company. They are obviously very used to receiving complaints such as mine. Until they upgrade their equipment and materials, they are unable to reprint to my satisfaction and I doubt very much that there will be any refund coming my way.
An expensive lesson learned and shared.


Their reviews on Product Review say it all.

Over 70% 1 star reviews out of 603 reviews.

Unbeliveable a business this bad can continue to operate.


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Choice did a review last year of Photo Book printers. It is a slightly different focus than getting bulk photos printed but you may be interested in how Snapfish was reviewed.

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Curious that productreview has them as a flower and gift shop yet those ‘glowing reviews’ (1.8/5) are all about photo printing quality :upside_down_face:

Choice staff may notice the Choice test focused on performance while @Renate’s post and the productreview commentaries reflect their customer experiences. Staff will understand the point, that comes up from time to time.

Have you read your rights under Australian Consumer Law regarding delivery of goods and services and acceptable quality? Excepting it reads like you tossed your evidence into the bin you should have had a reasonable case to demand compensation for unacceptable quality and workmanship. Without evidence it becomes a he said - she said or difference of opinion. You might make a formal complaint and claim but your chances are thus reduced.

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