Phone Scams Warnings

An article regarding phone scams.

And the report from the AMCA.

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Is this something new in any respect? Perhaps it should join an existing thread on the topic.

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I keep on receiving phone calls saying that they are going to cut my internet off. I am fed up with this. How do we stop them?


There is no easy way. Your phone company or ISP cannot help. Blacklisting them doesn’t work because they change their apparent number all the time. Whitelisting does work but then you can miss out on strangers who have a valid reason to call who you do want to speak to. There are commercial filtering systems but apparently they are not foolproof either.

About the best I can see is to let all unknown numbers go through to a recording and call back the ones you want to talk to. You will need the right gear for that. Others may be able to advise you what that is as I don’t bother.


Over the past month I have received 4 or 5 phone calls to tell me that they were going to charge my Amazon Account. I looked into the Amazon website and could not find a phone number to call. This is not good for a retail outlet, that one cannot get in touch with them easily. When I went into my Amazon account my password was automatically saved. I tired to get rid of it but it stayed there. website needs to be audited and something done about it.

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Try the following address:

There are several options to choose from and some will allow you to choose a Phone option for contact about the issue.

As to remembering your password etc this is usually because the box on login that has the following text " Keep me signed in. Details" has been ticked. Unticking this box will then require you to always put your details in when visiting your account in Amazon. Clearing out any Amazon cookies you have on your machine/smartphone/tablet will then also require you to type in your details again. Please also note that if you click the Details part of the text it will warn/advise you about using this box. You may also have saved your login credentials in your Browser which will then autofill this site’s login data when you visit.


Thank you for your reply. I have already gone contact-us, however, they were only for couriers, and not a person from Amazon. The courier, of course, could not help, with accounts.

I have never ticked the “Keep me signed in” box., but I can’t get rid of the automatic password.

The page I referred you to is for customers, examples of the selections are shown in these snips:

This next one may cover your membership issue ie “Other non-order question”

As an example of the options re contact after selecting the suspicious email one (note that the Phone option is not available for this particular choice but is on others):

The password as I noted could be because of your Browser saving the password. The box for the Amazon site I have ticked for my Smartphone so I don’t have to use my username and password all the time, though occasionally it will require the input and 2 factor authentication to make sure it is still secure, on my main PC I have unticked the box and everytime it requires my username and password unless I already have Amazon logged in on another tab. I use a password manager and it allows me to automatically fill those details but I choose to manually do it. However an Amazon cookie or super cookie may not have been removed and so it may think you are still authorising access. Try cleaning out all Amazon related cookies and see if that addresses the problem. Programs like CCleaner allow you to manually select cookies to delete (not a recommendation of the program it is supplied as an example).

The phone calls I suspect are not Amazon but are possibly scammers trying to get your account details, hopefully you didn’t respond to or in the calls with any information. If you have or gave access to your computer/device to them you need to ensure that you advise your financial institution/s and Amazon and that you seek some professional computer assistance if they had access to your computer/device.


I received a call today from (03) 5294 0137 with a recorded message saying there was a suspicious transaction and asking if I had spent $299 on something recently. And to hold on or call back if I hadn’t, to get a refund. The line then dropped out.

I’m always suspicious, so even though it sounded just like a recorded message I’ve had from Ebay previously, I looked up the number on and sure enough it’s been reported for an Ebay scam.

I’m grateful that many people do report phone numbers of scammers. Though I’m concerned that many people probably wouldn’t know that (or how) they could look up a phone number to find out either who called or whether it’s a phone number already reported as used by scammers.


Wow. 59 complaints on Reverse Australia. The grubs have certainly been busy.

I just Google such numbers and the hits include Reverse Australia and other such sites, and some of the hits show the number in question whilst others show number ranges.

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Same here Fred (although I don’t use Google anymore).


Another article regarding phone scams.

I find it incredible that anyone would fall for buying gift cards.

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Yet another warning regarding phone scams.

I still cannot believe that people can be so naive and gullible to fall for these type of scams.

Another article warning regarding phone scams.

Just had a call from (02) 7201 9963 “Lisa Collins from Charity Choice” which is the best automated call I’ve had. I had seen the number listed on and knew it was spam, but answered anyway (and now I will get lots more …) It sounds like you are talking to a real person, with umms & ahhs, and “how are you today?” and Yes, No, answers and “Can you hear me?” “I didn’t get that” for unrecognised responses. Quite slick!

Their website is charitychoice-au dot com which has no contact address, is American spelling, and the language is a bit strange, part is still under construction. They don’t list the Charities they represent, rather they are a data collection agency. The T&Cs say if you answer Yes you have agreed to “phone, SMS, mail or email” from them, clients, partners etc. Opt out takes 28 days. I didn’t answer Yes to anything, so I will see if I get more contact.

Reverseaustralia comment notes “Called the number back and a recorded message said this number has been disconnected due to suspected fraudulent activity.”

Putting this one up so people searching can be warned.


Yes it’s a scam I get a lot of calls from different mobile numbers saying that I am going to be charged $299 for an item purchased or that they are going to shut down my account? None of this has happened

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If the caller doesn’t answer in 3-4 secs or doesn’t answer straight away it’s usually a scam or else it’s from an overseas call centre trying to cut your phone or internet off!

Any calls I have had from amazon are recorded and the number is not available if you try to ring back. Also contact amazon and they said it’s a scam and that they never call there custiomers