Phone call from Australian Receivable Ltd - Is this a scam?

Last Sat. I got a 101 message on my landline: ’ We have a very important message for you, pls contact Australian Receivable Limited on 1300 303841’ But the call display showed: 03 83790500.

I have no debts, but my Credit Card Number was fraudulently used last April. Luckily Bank stopped payment and cancelled card.
They have not called me by name nor written to my address, I don’t know if it’s a scam. If I call them I’ll have to forward a lot more of my details before they would tell me anything.
Has anyone had any similar experience, please?


Simple answer is yes.

If you want to find out more, there are links on this google search that provide more information.

It appears that the scammers are using a legimate company name to scam.

If tou are every unsure if something like the message you have received is a scam, wither google base information in the message including the company name to see what it brings up…or itpf this does not result in any useful information, search for the company’s contact details either using something like white/ or their website and contact them directly using these contact details. They will be also able to confirm if the message was from them or a scam. Never usethe contact details provided in the message as it will most likely result in your calling the scammer and being scammed.

It is also worth reporting scams to

so others might also not fall for the same scam.


Thank you, @phb, I’m looking over my shoulder because of the ID theft I suffered, but I would expect a more official communication if it was the same person that used my Credit Card and then contracted a debt in my name.


Just called the real ARL, they are looking for someone who used to have my phone number. Promised to take me off the list.
Since moving in this flat 3 years ago I’ve had nuisance calls nearly everyday. I have Caller Display and If the number is Private or Overseas or is not in my phone’s Phone book I do not answer.
Usually no message is left on the 101 service.
After 3 years of not being able to speak to me, they are still calling! But that’s a different topic!:grimacing:


It won’t be the same scammer…there are potentially hundreds, if not thousands of them waiting to prey on someone who is vulnerable.

If you answer a scammer’s phone call, they know you answer and that particular scammer will continue to make call hoping that one day you will fold and be sucked in to their scam.

Best thing to do is what you are doing…don’t answer unfamiliar numbers and also have a message bank attached to the nunber. If necessary, a caller can leave a message for you to validate its authenticity independently.


On Tuesday I called the ARL on their website contact number (93200100) to enquire if the call I got was from them or if it was a scam.
It was from them: they are trying to contact whoever had the phone number I now have.
Promised to take me off the list.

I was in a bit of a panick on the weekend: I now that I have made no debts, and have Bans placed on my credit files after my credit card fraud. But maybe something else happened and I dreaded having to go around proving the debt wasn’t mine.

Following my credit card fraud I’ve had all my ID 's numbers changed, even my Driver Licence which took months of perseverance before they agreed I had been a victim of ID theft.

Re nuisance calls, it would take hours to talk about mine. Sometimes I wonder why have a landline at all with the expense of a silent number and calling number display, etc,.


When we upgraded from ADSL to NBN with Internode in 2016, we received a VOIP landline telephone number at no monthly rental and very low call charges. It has calling number display at no charge.

It is an unlisted number and we do not pay for a silent number. We do not get any scammer or other nuisance calls on it at all.


Thank you, @Fred123, it sounds good.
Will keep in mind. NBN is still in progress for my address.


If you are with TPG, white page listing can be removed through a account log in and n changing settings.

A silent number also won’t prevent scam calls…they don’t use a phone book but a automatic dialing robocall system. These systems call based on a number rather than a listing. For example, they will call xxxx xxx1, then xxxx xxxw etc. Inderstand from a mate in cybercrime, that some of the more sophisticated systems record valid numbers and use these number for redials. Valid meaning it rings or is answered.

They also will call mobiles, and this is increasing as the number of landlines reduces. My other half often gets scam calls and texts on her mobile.


Thank you for your good suggestions @phb Appreciate it.


The scammers called a NZ Police Communications Centre telling them they had an insecure internet. When the staff-person told them who they had called they quickly got off the phone. So maybe telling them they have called the local police station might work :slight_smile:

Now the police internet may not be secure or it may be but this story just goes to show that the scammers don’t know about the problems that may or may not exist at a premises and they don’t really know who they call. It is just a generated number for them and they have a set dialogue to say to con the person who answered.


Thank you, @grahroll, for my first smile in days. :laughing:


Glad it was of a least some humour for you :smiley: Always good to put a more serious message with some lightheartedness in it in the posts. The recording is on their Facebook page if you want to listen to it but I wished I had been a fly on the wall for that one.

I hope your troubles lessen rapidly, I am sure it has been a very difficult time for you to say the least. I have also in a previous post in a topic noted that it was possible to get a “Certificate” from the Australian Govt if you have been the victim of ID theft and it has impacted your Commonwealth dealings


Thank you @grahroll.
IDCare has been of great help in guiding me on how to retain some control, and when I got my new Licence, just recently, I felt that at least I could distance myself from any fraud done by using my Driver Licence number, which is really the most asked for ID.
Getting the call from ARL brought back the fear of ID theft.
But I feel lucky to have a community such as this to be able to share and to get good advice from, ( and the scammer trying to scam the Police, is just priceless!)
Thank you to all.:blush:


Indeed it is a scam. I got so sick of these calls, plus the begging charities, Telstra technical department your computers got a virus (6 of those in one day omg) and telemarketers I totally removed all handsets after disconnecting 101 and only use mobiles. At last peace.