Phone and tablet security

Wonder how you decided on Trend, and which grade?

Sorry - I can’t find the receipt for my original purchase (my hard drive died about a year ago & I lost a lot of data). From (an unreliable) memory, it covered 5 computers (not needed), but has since been upgraded/changed to 2 devices.

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My understanding is Norton plans to change some of its products names to include the name LifeLock…as a result of a acquisition it made of the company Lifelock Inc.

The link to Norton Security Deluxe in a previous post is the current highest suite available under the Norton name. There is one additional product which is Norton 360, which provides more cloud storage.

This webpage from Norton provides the different features and that the Deluxe suite is not an ‘cheaper’ version.

When buying a new licence rather than continuing an existing subscription, one may have to register the additional version in their Norton Account as an additional step in the installation process. Renewing a subscription is significantly dearer and just updates the existing licence expiry date.


Thanks phb. As I do not require/use some of the features and no PC, will look at the $29 JBHIFI Norton/Trend.

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Avira for your mobile devices is free both iOS and Android apps exist. It rates quite highly. Lastpass basic is free if you want a password vault and the vault can be accessed on other machines if you do need to use it on a Mac or a PC.


I’ve been using Avast free version for our Android devices for several years and have had no issues. Also am using Password Safe, as a password manager for many years as well. They have both PC and Android versions that use the same database format so the databases can be synced between devices.


Any feedback by chance, on purchasing from as their prices seem good. Thanks.

I don’t know anything about that site - sorry…


I wouldn’t recommend Norton as customer service is terrible. After 10+ years, Norton decided my phone number wasn’t a legitimate Australian number so two factor authentication wouldn’t work, which locked me out of my account and Norton couldn’t have cared less. I deleted my account and accepted the loss


Most of the top results on search are sort of self promotion type reviews.

On Product Review the score is 2.9 with some scathing comments and more 1 stars than 5 stars:


I took up a 14 day free additional security trial and it took 3 years after very many really annoying (to put it politely) phone calls, for ’ experts/in the know/Norton’s own hotline, to delete the offer after expiry. But I would not recommend or not recommend Norton as mine was a small incident and have used Norton for 4-5 years now.

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Norton also offers darkweb monitoring with their pemium product - which is identity theft protection - only trend and norton have this.


Went to JBHiFi this am and basically said security wise, VPN is advised, available across the Norton range but only for Trend Suites and currently on special at $79.

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A VPN is easy to get and there is a free version that may interest you. It is Community based and came out of a Japanese University Student’s work.
The following is from an email that I subscribe to that updates the download links several times a day

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OMG, your techno knowledge is mindboggling to such as myself. Many thanks:-O


Just joined the community. This is my first entry.
I own an Apple phone (iphone5) and a iPad. I have never purchased protection software ever since I stopped using a pc with hard drive. That’s been 10 years from when I got my first iPad. Don’t know if I’m not well informed but I feel I don’t need it. I have never had an issue. I ignore scam and phishing emails, adjust my privacy and accessibility settings to suit. Never a problem. Is this because I use Apple exclusively. Or have I been lucky.

Hi @Coogeematt, welcome to the community.

Yes…in part.

There is a false impression that Apple products are somewhat immune to virus, malware or other attacks. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. There are hygiene measures one can implement to reduce risks, which you may have, but it is impossible to eliminate the risks. Malware software just provides another level of protection above good hygiene practices.

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An article regarding Apple releasing an update to fix a security problem on iPhones.

And the advice from Apple.

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macOS has had another malware scare. The malware carrier (didn’t have a payload yet) was found to be infecting the new Macs with the M1 chip, not just the older Intel ones.

Red Canary company said Malwarebytes found it on about 29,000 machines and Red Canary named it Silver Sparrow…very bird like naming going on here.


If you haven’t updated your Apple devices to the latest patches you should do so immediately. There is a bug that appears to be now leveraged in the wild.

From an article on the issue
" Most Apple Devices Updatable

Users need to check their devices via the Settings Tool -> Software Update option to ensure devices are updated. The correct patch level is iOS 14.4.2 or Apple Watch OS 7.3.3, which includes a fix for the bug. The update is available for the following devices:

  • iPhone 6s and later iPad Pro (all models)
  • iPad Air 2 and later
  • iPad 5th generation and later
  • iPad mini 4 and later
  • iPod touch (7th generation)
  • Watch Series 3"

This affects all browsers that use the Apple WebKit function (they all do) and this includes the Safari Browser.

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