PharmaCycle - pharmacy pill packs recycling scheme

If you use a lot of meds/supplements and are left with a weekly pile of non-recyclable empty strips of plastic and foil, PharmaCycle may interest you. It claims to be Australia’s first end to end blister pack recycling program. About - Pharmacycle . Being a newish initiative, it’s not offered everywhere yet but anyone interested can check current locations Find a location - Pharmacycle .


Thanks for that info. It sounds great if it works.

The quesiton I have is about the plastic component: I have vague recollections that plastic recycling in Australia is faltering because they can not find sufficient buyers for the the plastic already processed, never mind the vast amounts contained in storage facilities.

So who will be willing to recycle the blister packs’ plastic, and what for?

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If you refer to the About - Pharmacycle link above you will get that information. Briefly they say:

" What we do with the blister packs
Once collected, blister packs are transported to one of our processing facilities. Here, they are put through a series of mechanical recycling processes to separate the aluminium from the plastic. Finally, the separated aluminium and plastic materials are sent to end-users to be turned into a range of new products."
If you read the brief About PharmaCycle link, you may also be interested in mentioned collaborators and partners e.g.,, and . "

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Thanks for your links. I had already looked at Pharmacycle when you first posted.

Looking at the new links, all I could find was aspirational - talking about ‘aim to’, ‘would like to’, ‘will be’ etc.; apart from working with JB Hifi, The Good Guys, and General Pants to reduce waste.

I note that Pharacycle is Panelcycle, showing the same “unique separation process” machinery with the same Panel Cycle banner behind. Please note that in Panelcycle’s Manufacturing information they say:
How it works is, the core material will be remanufactured into other products where the combustible properties are not an issue. These products include but are not limited to wheel stops, bollards, air con mounting blocks, cable cover and flexible formwork.” (Bolding is mine.)

Consequently, nothing jumps out at me on any of the sites as being an already established pathway or mechanism for the use of the plastic waste collected.

Please note, I am not saying what they are proposing to do is not good. I am merely unconvinced that at this stage there is a sustainable business model that would work without significant ongoing grants.

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I take mine to Blooms Pharmcy.

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There are online retailers you can post these to. I believe the scheme is terra cycle and you can find the retailers who accept this packaging on their website. I have an eco bricks and mortar shop i take mine to.

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