Pets: female dog urine detergents, anti-urine sprays

Can anyone recommend a good, useful, not ridiculously priced detergent for washing my 14 year old Greyhound/ Rhodesian Ridgeback’s bed she has started urinating on? She’s on estrogen tablets since it started last Winter… but only 1x tab, once a month. It stopped over summer and she started again this Winter? She was adopted at 10 but is very well looked after by me at home with her most of the time.
VINEGAR: did nothing to stop her or remove the smell. She did it within hours of the cleaned bed going back down.
ENZYMATIC DETERGENTS were suggested by her physiotherapist… yes she has her own physio! :roll_eyes:However, in these “green” times manufacturers aren’t using ammonia or enzymes anymore? ALDI’s only got a pre-wash enzymatic spray stain remover, I’ll get RSI spraying the whole bed & cushion inner & cover! :sweat: … unless I enjoy the whole bottle in the machine with it? That can’t be right surely? Can it? :thinking:
PETBARN/ PETSTOCK/ ONLINE there’s “Urine off” but a tiny spray bottle was$20!! But didn’t work! She peed on the floor right next to where I sprayed it, & also on her cleaned & vinegar rinsed bed, sprayed after. (bottle nearly empty after the 1 use! )
Other online containers were $80😲 I can buy new bed cheaper? But that’s not enviro- friendly either!


Have you asked your vet what is going on? Is it a medical problem or a behavioural problem?


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I’ve read of a repellent spray made from an infusion of dry herbs: basil, thyme, mint, lavender, in one litre hot water.
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As suggested I would discuss the problem with a vet .


Have you tried a powder laundary/nappy soaking detergent. These usually have agents which break down compounds which cause odours, such as those often found in baby napppies or clothing. Choice has reviewed these in the past (member content):

Maybe it might worth trying …good soak in such detergent, good rinse, airing and sunning.

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Is this a behavioural problem, or is she getting incontinent due to either age or a medical condition? Either way, you might need to address that problem first to stop the ‘bed wetting’.

It is possible that she has ‘marked’ the bed with her scent and now believes that this is an acceptable place to urinate, so she will continue to do so until you remove the bed, pillow, etc. and replace it with something new to her such as an old blanket or large towel. If she urinates on the replacement it could be aged/senior dog incontinence, or a medical condition. As others have said, it may be prudent to check with the vet.

To clean the bedding, I would suggest putting some bleach in the wash to clean out the urine smell, just as you would with humans. Then hang outside to dry until the bleach smell is gone.


Please take your fur baby to the vets, her urinating is not usual so a vet will definitely be able to help her and ease your own mind, good luck.

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