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Petrol prices


Last year their fuel supplier changed to Viva Energy who simply charges more than Shell, when Shell was the supplier. Coles chose to maintain margins rather than subsidise their margin to keep/grow market share.

As you and @fred123 previously posted Blind Freddy has the answer to high prices. Shop around :roll_eyes:

Perhaps we and our buying habits are why competition doesn’t work here like it does in most countries?


It is cynical marketing at its best. The cycle has been well described so I’ll not do it again, but if you consider how often the average motorist needs petrol versus the days in a cycle, it helps the petrol companies sell at a higher average price. Some will be caught out by the sudden $0.20+ rise and just need to buy. When the cycle is unpredictable (eg 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, at random) the average price will be higher than when the cycle is predictable (eg consistently 2 weeks when motorists can plan ahead do minimalist top ups).

As it is, most will bite the price bullet at least some of the time and move on because they have as much chance of winning as losing the price war.


Diesel’s as low as 142.9 in Brisbane! Down from the whopping 174.9 peak from a couple of weeks ago. Maybe diesel is starting to be affect by this apparent fuel cycle? With my high-capacity fuel tank, low mileage, and less-than-average-km driven vehicle, I should be able to beat any price cycle that comes our way :crossed_fingers:


More from the ACCC:

Main points from the link:

Main findings from the September quarter petrol monitoring report

  • In the September quarter 2018, average retail petrol prices across the five largest cities were 146.7 cpl, an increase of 1.5 cpl from the previous quarter.
  • Average gross indicative retail differences (GIRDs) in the five largest cities decreased to 10.4 cpl in the quarter. GIRDs are the difference between average retail prices and average wholesale prices, and are a broad indicator of gross retail margins.
  • Retail prices in Brisbane remained the highest of the five largest cities. The average retail petrol price in Brisbane in the quarter was 148.8 cpl, which was 2.6 cpl higher than the average across the other four largest cities.
  • In the three other capital cities (Canberra, Hobart and Darwin), prices were always higher than in the five largest cities.
  • The average differential between petrol prices in regional locations monitored by the ACCC and the five largest cities was 6.4 cpl. This was 1.5 cpl higher than in the June quarter 2018.
  • In the September quarter 2018, diesel and automotive LPG prices in the five largest cities increased. Average retail diesel prices were 154.6 cpl, and automotive LPG prices were 85.2 cpl in the quarter.


If one lives in Queensland and is a RACQ member, until 31 December 2018 one can save up to $0.06 off per litre at Puma service stations:

Save Fuel with Puma Energy

Note: The $0.06 off apples to Premium Unleaded 95 and Premium Unleaded 98. Other fuels have a $0.04 discount.


More sage advice from the “consumer defenders” at the ACCC.


Along with all that urging to delay filling up, is the ACCC also urging us to delay going away on our holiday trip too!

If only the ACCC knew how do do comedy properly? :clown_face:


… doesn’t everyone keep 3500 km’s worth of fuel on hand just so they can buy it 2 cents a litre cheaper? :wink:


I like that the RACQ has partnered with an independent retailer. NRMA has partnered with Caltex, so even after the discount, I’m better off buying fuel elsewhere.


Which “Sage” would be most appropriate I wonder?

Noted Puma was $1.207 this morning for unleaded 91 before discount.


We drove from Cairns to the Sunshine Coast hinterland on 10th & 11th of this month and back home on 26th & 27th, and we refuelled at a number of towns along the way.

The cheapest fuel was in Gympie at 125.9 c/l for U91 at all outlets except Coles Express.

The most expensive fuel was at Coles Express in Emerald at 159.9 c/l but the BP at the other end of the block was 146.9 c/l.

Back home the price has fallen to 130.9 c/l at the United servos with a Caltex matching them and a Puma undercutting them by 0.02 c/l.

Needless to say, as usual, Coles Express is the most expensive in town, but no surprise there.