Pet food labelling

I would really love to see standardisation & requirements of full disclosure of pet food nutritional analysis.

It appears very sloppy at present. So many only have 2 or 3 points & often as fed & without moisture that is next to useless. At the very least “require” full disclosure of essentials including dry matter or per 1000 k/cal on a manufacturer’s website.

For cats it is so important as the 2017 Choice wet cat food review shows. Though I imagine it is just as essential for Dog health.

This is especially true if you are a pet owner with an aging cat that has the very common failing kidney issue. Virtually NO cat food show phosphorous & that is the one readily & widely accepted factor to try to alleviate &/or delay progression of kidney disease/failing. Protein by D/M or kCal would also be immensely useful depending on your side of the debate over the for/against role of protein as a contributing factor to K/D progression.

ps - would love to see a more comprehensive & updated Choice review too, next time perhaps also including special needs such as the very prevalent failing kidney issue that appears to be very common especially for over 10s. Unless you are wealthy enough to be buying into the premium K/D / renal diets you’re lower phosphorous &/or restricted protein options are very very hard to identify.

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Exclent overview of pet foods. Yes it is long overdue for content disclosure and food nutrition.

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