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Persons Found Guilty Of Defrauding Their Employers Or The Public Purse

An article regarding a Melbourne woman being jailed for defrauding Centrelink of more than $100,000.

Thankfully members of the public dobbed her in as Centrelink obviously did not have a clue. Probably too busy with their own Robodebt SCam.


Far too expensive to hire people to actually check up on welfare claimants. Better to get a computer system to blast away letters of demand in a scatter-gun approach and watch the money roll in from terrified innocents.


Perhaps the discussion belongs with this existing one?

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No I think this is about a crook getting caught.

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My mistake, I thought we were talking about CentreLink!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yes I know what you mean, but do we want ALL the crooks under one thread. Banks, life insurers charging dead people, Gov sports rorts aka pork barreling, investment scammers, negative gearers for tax evasion, and heaps of others. :grinning:


Looks like she might be getting some company very shortly.

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This could be come a long topic if
A) it’s now about fraud and or theft convictions,
B) inappropriate to gender label the collection of offenders.

Is there another option for the title?
How do we decide who should and should not be brought to further attention by the community?

Are there risks in commenting on any conviction beyond noting the court outcome, especially considering some convictions may subsequently go to successful appeal?

I’m not defending those convicted. There are community guidelines that still apply, especially if we are discussing individuals as opposed to organisational behaviours, or systemic issues. In many instances there may be more serious concerns in the broader community which also impact consumers.

If you want to make the thread boom change the title to Powering the Outrage Machine.

No! We might need to add a long list of those not before the courts, of dubious character and unreliable reputation.

I can read the headlines of any number of online publications and news sites to find that content. Some sites may even qualify to be on the list themselves?

I’ll resist the temptation to mention any in particular. Some plants in the garden die from the top down because that’s where the problem starts. Others from the ground up because they have rotten roots. The fact that the plant is withering or dropping fruit to rot, a wise gardener likely knows it’s rarely the rotten fruit that is the cause. Fruit fly excepted. For that blame the gardener?

In the real world we seem to be divided between those that would blame the individual for failings, and others failings of the system or society for enabling the outcomes.


What I find amazing is how on earth she got $100,000 from welfare. The average payment is between $25,000 to $35,000 per annum. I’m on an aged pension, I get $25,000 per annum. Incredible. Rosemary


It can be multiple claims, it can be multiple years. If both are combined the amounts can be staggering and by that I don’t mean $100,000 or less.

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It was over 5 yeras.

“A Melbourne mother has been jailed for rorting Centrelink of more than $100,000 over five years to fund her family’s luxury lifestyle.”

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I know personally of several from past years that achieved over $250,000 in debt/overpayment within 3 years. These types are usually multiple claims, eg spouses, multiple identity, though sometimes it is as you posted as simple as no entitlement that spans several years, or a decade or more.


I post what I read.

As far as the HSU is concerned, I haven’t forgotten either Craig Thompson or Michael Williamson who had their snouts in the trough of the union representing some of the lowest paid health workers.

Ironically, it was Kathy Jackson who blew the whistle on them.

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All grist for the dogpiling mill.

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With you here, Gregr! - A Federal ICAC with independence and actual powers is needed. Note: the government’s last proposal on this one weakened all existing provisions, protected the evil-doers and exposed the whistle-blowers. Par for their current course, sadly… It failed in the Senate, thank whatever…

A Sydney woman has been accused of defrauding the cancer charity at which she worked.

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A former NAB employee charged over alleged $21 million theft.

People should know better than trying to steal from banks. They do not like competition.

Cleaning up on a cleaning contract?

Not found guilty as yet but this should be very interesting.