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Pedestal and tower fan review


We’ve had a look at fans for your home, from the $15 department store specials to expensive brand name models. See the results in our fan review. We also have a fan buying guide to explain the different types and features.

If you have a cooling fan, what type and brand do you use?


We mainly use a Moretti 40cm pedestal fan. I chose it for its efficient (important as we are off-grid) DC motor, just 26W (+ only a few watts lost in the plug pack). It is also very quiet. It is quieter and more efficient than a Click brand 40cm fan rated at “ONLY 50W”, and it has a slightly better airflow, so the Click rarely gets used these days, except when a 2nd fan is rquired.


I purchased a 120cm Omega Altise Model OT120B last January from The Good Guys ($129 back then), despite some bad reviews (noisy, insufficient air flow). It is great. I wouldn’t call it noisy, I have to set it on slow speed at times (it is about 4 metres away from the lounge), and it has a tiny remote controller and a digital temperature display to indicate the room temperature. A couple of weeks later I went back to get another but they had run out and everywhere I searched on the internet they were either very expensive (in relation to The Good Guys) or none in stock with no delivery forecast. Going to The Good Guys for a new printer one month ago, I had to pass by their fan display area. Lo and behold, they had the fan back in stock (now $119). I bought one, as well as the printer. Now I have two of the fans. Both quiet, both giving great air flow and I can point the remote controller at either to get that particular fan to do what I want. Expensive, maybe. But I am completely happy with the product.


We’ve reviewed fans again for those interested :dash:


Measured wattage at max and min speeds would have been useful numbers to include! Looking at the DC Kambrook fan, I can’t tell if it is any more efficient that any of the AC models.


Thats my main fan, too. Went back the following year and bought the desktop version, also 40cm. Both are excellent and relatively kind on electtricity.


Thanks for the suggestion @gordon, I’ll mention it to our product testers for consideration.