Paul's Warehouse USA Outlet - Komar Kids Branded Children's Pyjamas Recall

A recall notice for Komar Kids Branded Children’s Pyjamas supplied by Paul’s Warehouse USA Outlet as they do not comply with the fire hazard labelling requirements.

Paul’s Warehouse USA Outlet — Komar Kids Branded Children’s Pyjamas



Date published

19 Jul 2019

Product description

Komar Kids Branded Children’s Pyjamas

Range of sizes between 00-12

Range of styles

<img src=’/uploads/default/original/2X/5/5a68daf5f3d81fb2afd39cd745632e0ce8c59cda.jpeg’ alt=‘Photograph of Komar Kids Branded Children’s Pyjamas|392x284’>

What are the defects?

The garments do not comply with the fire hazard labelling requirements of the mandatory standard ‘Consumer Goods (Children’s Nightwear and Limited Daywear and Paper Patterns for Children’s Nightwear) Safety Standard 2017’.

What are the hazards?

The garments may pose a potential fire risk to the wearer.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should immediately cease using these pyjamas and return the product to any Paul’s Warehouse USA Outlet for a full refund.

For further assistance contact Paul’s Warehouse on 02 8762 4100 or


Paul’s Warehouse USA Outlet

Traders who sold this product

Paul’s Warehouse USA Outlet stores

Where the product was sold

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales


South Australia



Dates available for sale

  • 1 March 2019 - 24 June 2019

Recall advertisements and supporting documentation

Recall advertisement.pdf (80.82 KB)

Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.


And the count goes on about these labels…Risk of fire is certain, the label is a warning. If it had a label it still would be a fire risk, a warning is great but why don’t they make fire retardant garments instead.


My thoughts exactly.


I wish our standards would make this type of clothing illegal to sell with or without a label. I know why they make the garments from these fabrics, it is cheap, only needs a small label attached to make it legal to sell, and even if recalled the cost was/is minimal to make it in the first place…they would just need to make sure the label is on the next lot.

Instead the risk of a garment catching fire and injuring or killing the wearer is totally absolved on the manufacturer and placed on the parent/guardian because it had a label. Sick capitalism when profits outweigh any real consumer concern on the part of the entire chain of industry and retailers.

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