Pauls Physical Milk Availability Problems

My wife has reverted to Pauls Physical Reduced Fat Hi Calcium Milk on her GP’s recommendation as it has the highest calcium content even if half of it stays in the bottom of the bottle and is very hard to wash out before putting it in the recycle bin.

One thing that has not changed is the pathetic availability of the milk.

On Thursday, I went to our local Supa IGA who had no stock. I asked a staff member who was working inside the milk fridge who said that they would have it the next day.

I then went to the nearby Coles who had some stock with a Use By date of 10.10.2021, a mere 3 days, so I left it.

Today I went to the Supa IGA who had no milk, and I then went to the same Coles who also had no stock.

I went to our local Woolies who actually had some stock dated 15.10.2021 so I begrudgingly bought one.

When I was at our local Coles, I looked at the milk shelves and they had labels for it but no stock. I believe that they dropped it previously as they were regularly dudded with short dated stock.

If Parmalat are too incompetent to be actually reliabily supply a product on a regular basis and which has an acceptable shelf life, then perhaps they need to give the game away in Australia and sell the operation to a company that is.

I have included a link for Parmalat’s guidance.


Have you considered the problem might be a supply chain affected by many people being in ISO because of covid? We have lots of spot shortages down our way because of issues all over.

If there are not enough staff available to work the supply chain is not going to be perfect. Could be something else, but think about the big picture.


This incompetence has been happening well before the pandemic, and it appears to be confined to Pauls, and Physical in particular.

When I go to 3 different supermarkets and see the problem confined to one product with all the other milk products on display, COVID is no cop-out for good, old fashioned incompetence.

  1. Whether it is fresh pasteurised milk or UHT milk always give it a shake before opening - this will reduce the issue with milk solids on the bottom of the container.
  2. Consider a UHT form of ‘skim milk plus extra calcium’ milk as an alternative to Physcal Skim.
  3. Depending on how much cheese and yoghurt you and your wife eat, there may be little difference between using skim milk and ‘skim milk plus extra calcium’. The specialist I see for osteopoenia pointed this out to me.

Would it be easier and perhaps cheaper to buy ‘normal’ reduced fat milk and supplement with calcium tablets such as these?


On the 19.10.2021, Coles, Woolies and our local Supa IGA still only had stock of 2L Pauls Physical milk dated 22.101.2021, with Coles stock marked down.

Yesterday, all 3 had stock dated 28.10.2021 with Woolies still having some old stock marked down from $4.00 to $1.50.

On Monday, I bought some of my milk, Dairy Farmers Heart Active, dated 10.11.2021, some 23 days to its use by date.

I bought the only bottle of Physical that IGA had so presumably they had already sold through the rest.

So this incompetence obviously has nothing to do with the various supermarkets and everything to do with Parmalat.