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Pasta : What type do you prefer and buy?



I’m fascinated by the origin of a particular dish: Spaghetti alla Napoletana, Tagliatelle alla Bolognese…
or a Chef’s creation for someone famous: Steak Rossini, Peach Melba…
It means that it has taken a cook a lot of thought, and time, and skill, to blend and mix and create a particular dish in a way which brings out the best flavour, the best taste, from all the ingredients.

Yes, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, aubergines…and even cocoa and coffee have come to Italy by way of the
‘Discovery’ of America, but are now an integral part of Italian cooking.

And yes, it is incorrect to speak of ‘Italy’ before 1870, when the troops of Garibaldi stormed Rome and a Nation was created. But how else can we be understood of which place we are talking about?
The place was divided in States, each with its own dialect, usage, and ‘cooking’ and we are all the better for the wealth of regional dishes we have inherited.


I’ve bought a Phillips pasta maker, that you just add the ingredients to and it mixes, kneads and then extrudes as pasta. After a few false starts I think I’ve got it down now to add extra water so that it doesn’t go into fault mode. The difference in taste with making my own pasta is really high. Even though it’s extruded rather than rolled, it still tastes way better than dried pasta on the shelf.


@denhaml Nothing beats home made . That’s for sure .


Errata corrige: coffee did not originate in South America. It was introduced there by the Europeans, and coltivated with great success.


I came across Rana fresh pasta in Coles a month ago.

It is made in Italy and it is claimed to be the top selling fresh pasta brand in Italy.

We have so far tried the Four Cheese Ravioli and the Porcini Mushroom Ravioli and we have a packet of Feta and Kalamata Olives Tortellini in the fridge to try, along with 2 packets of each of the previously mentioned ravioli,

We eat them with Rana Parmigiano Reggiano Sauce with some cream added to it.

Absolutely delicious and the locally made fresh pasta and pasta sauces such as Latina are no comparison to it.


Italian Pasta in supermarkets sold as fresh is shipped frozen to Australia

Which pasta brands are big in Italy?


It is subscriber only content.


Googling pasta makers in Italy shows so many ‘Pastifici’! It used to be that each region had its own favourite, usually a locally made one. But, of course, supermarkets have changed the scenario.
Fresh pasta used to be made at home,
now it’s easily bought ready made.
Barilla also comes under other brand names, having taken over a few manufacturers.
It is the one I select at the supermarket and also at the Italian grocery stores having been always disappointed by other brands.


Noted @Fred123.

It let me in originally for free from a google search. The key data point is Barilla is dominant in the market.

Rana is not listed in the top brands of pasta products. That does not suggest the products are not good. You have your own first hand account to refer to.

It may be a consequence of how others describe ‘fresh pasta brands’ and products? It may be that in the market for prepackaged filled pasta products Rana is large, but in Italy is still small overall as Italians still prefer to make their own sauces and fillings for tortellini, ravioli etc? Noted that Rana exports to the UK and has a factory in the USA according to it’s web site.

Although fresh pasta in the eyes of some can only be like what we purchased handmade from Del Santos in Ayr?

An alternate source and view point on Italy and pasta brands which should open.

I just wonder about the value of claims that spin ‘top selling’ when used by any super market chain to promote a product? The proof as you noted is in the pleasure derived?

It may be good, it may be average.
Eg Toyota Corolla yr 2005 top selling small car vs a Subaru WRX STI or the best seller for the year the Toyota Hilux! Is that a V8 rumble I can here in the background? :wink:


The 5 brands in that article are all dried pasta products.

Rana states that it is the No1 fresh pasta in Italy.

The Australian distributor, Conga Foods, claims that Rana is the No. 1 fresh filled pasta brand in Europe, and the largest manufacturer of fresh filled pasta in the world.

Rana’s USA operation offers a vastly greater range than what is available in Australia, but surprisingly, the Parmigiano Reggiano Sauce is not listed.

Risky claims to make in Australia by Rana and Conga Foods if untrue. I can already hear the ACCC growling. Meow. Meow.