Password managers - recommendations?

Being as how I have 3 macs and an iphone or two and although I still use the manager I mentioned above, I have, over the past couple of years, also begun to use the built-in Keychain. It generates a complicated password for every new site that requires one, but not as complicated as the ones generated by Wallet. Its a lot easier to deal with, BUT if you don’t use Safari, whilst not totally useless, not as convenient as one of the others

I have been using Lastpass for about 5 years. I need the ability to sync my password manager to W11 and W10 PC;s, a PC running Linux MInt, an iPhone and an iPad. I also need auto fill; it will put your name, email address, residential address, your debit and credit cards, phone number, bank account numbers, passport info, and any other info you want. It is protected by a 256 bit encryption and I also have all my drives including my USB keys protected with bitlocker. I have a three level firewall, one on the router, one on the system and one on the modem. I have a two factor login for the important on line facilities and really everyone should have a 2 factor login. I run spybot, Malwarebytes and Acronis and have my backups do an auto update each day and place one copy off line and one copy in a sandbox. I lectured in computer systems since 1974 and still maintain an interest in systems integrity. I pay for each application as there is always something missing in free software. I also use to generate disposable email addresses and my email goes through a mailwasher application that allows my to bounce unwanted emails. A bit over the top? Bloody crazy really.

I’m much like you, but not the teacher part, first I ditch the iPhone 4 and never looked back since I saw the writing on the wall for the IOS and its spyware. I have used the macOS for more than 10 years and Linux over the years, my entire network is locked down with its own search engine as well it own DNS server. As for password, 1password or Keepassxc are very good, wouldn’t touch LastPass since it source code has been hacked.

When choosing a password manager, the choice is either in the cloud or on the computer, my choice is on the computer, never trust the cloud with personal material, just too dangerous.


Not at all. I was doing similar when I was a Windows user up to and including Mailwasher. I became really fed up with it and switched to Mac. Never looked back

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If you get a chance ditch MS Office for Thunderbird, excellent in the macOS, as for the “iCloud Private Relay”, block the iCloud Private Relay since Apple will know everything you do on the internet.

Whether Apple snoops or not, I can’t afford the product thats required so I’ll keep using my own VPN as needed, which I already paid for.