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Passport renewal

I received a text message today, inviting me to renew my passport (screenshot attached).
I thought it was probably a scam, but before deleting/reporting to Scamwatch - I rang DFAT and queried the content (my passport expired in February 2020…).
I was told that it probably had been sent by the Australian Passport Office: the phone number at the top of the message was Brisbane, but staff member said she would double check, and at my request, ring me back to confirm its legitimacy: later this afternoon I received confirmation that the message is NOT a scam.
Apparently, some sort of program to renew passports as travel is coming back…


It is written in a similar style to phishing messages. You were right to be wary.

Perhaps they could add some authentication to validate the message?


The main difference is it doesn’t appear to contain a URL link in the message, which seems to be becoming standard practice for government and major businesses (which are subject of regular phishing attempts).

It points one to go to their website without a link… making the receiver use their own known passport office URL. The only downside is there are examples where non-genuine urls appear in internet searches directing the less observant searcher to a phishing website.

The passport office used to mail out reminders, I wonder if they still plan to do both as over 10 years, things can change such as mobile numbers and postal addresses.


That’s four changes of address long gone, although we have used the Australian Govt Smart Traveller web site to update details each trip. So between CentreLink, the ATO and Medicare, they might know.

Recently received an SMS on the old mobile number as a reminder my passport requires renewal. Looks as for the previous post. There are definitely no links to click on!

It actually expired when the Covid travel ban came in. A suspicion is the Govt needs the revenue? We still can’t go anywhere. Not even New Zealand! With International travel according to some likely to be restricted unto 2024 according to some why bother. The Govt should be offering a discount or 3 years free if one renews now.

According to the following link you may have up to 3 years from expiry within which to do a Streamlined renewal. No rush then. :roll_eyes:


Just when I thought it safe, and after I had independently of my mobile checked the Australian Govt Passports web site.


Two reveals.
Firstly this one includes links.

Secondly, the timing that was not concurrent with the prior SMS but only after I’d visited the government Web Site. Coincidence or some greater knowledge? Facebook and Google watch out!