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Parkinson's Disease Research

A couple of articles regarding research into Parkinson’s Disease.

Another breahthrough in research into Parkinson’s Disease.

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Another article regarding research into Parkinson’s disease.

A couple of articles regarding Parkinson’s Disease.

Another article regarding research into Parkinson’s Disease.


An article regarding the mis-diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.


Misdiagnosis medically or a misunderstanding by the patient of what their GP was telling them?

Some early symptoms we commonly associate with Parkinson’s Eg tremors, are more common with other medical conditions. Essential Tremors is one common condition.

All medical diagnosis is a process of probability and progressive elimination. Given the study referred to by “The Gardian” was simply a non medical survey is it a reliable assessment of the medical professional standards?

I wonder what value if any this article adds to our knowledge of the disease or progress in improving outcomes.

I’ll note next time any of us have a headache and complain to the Doctor we should all expect a full C.T. and MRI just in case it is a Brain Tumour.

Not a Grumble?

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As to the CT a family member was told it was tension headaches for months until they did the CT a day after being told go have a massage by a Hospital because it was just tension and stress. They demanded a CT from a Dr the next morning and found a 3.6 cm Glioblastoma right frontal lobe. 14 months life expectancy after the removal if they have treatment, 3 months if they don’t. So if someone has a history of headaches then yes a person should demand or expect a CT of the brain.


If a person has a history of Tremors then all avenues need to be explored and not dismissed as something else. Time in many cases is of the essence to best outcomes of treatments, the longer the delay the worse the result. The fact that many were misdiagnosed is perhaps a critique of the sometimes dismissive and cost saving attitudes of some medical professionals and Insurance Companies who are in our health systems.


I’ve had three experiences with this - one of the nastiest and unforgiving cancers around. Surviving it is essentially as likely as a first division lottery win - so early detection simply means a little bit longer, though in saying that, early detection might mean 1-2 years after/with treatment, where in one case close to me late detection was a little over 5 weeks from diagnosis to burial. So I emphatically concur and demanding the diagnostics and second opinions can’t be stressed enough.


An article regarding research into whether Parkinson’s Disease originates in the gut.

Another article regarding Parkinson’s Disease.

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University of Sydney to lead research into Parkinson’s Disease after receiving a $12.5 million grant.

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Researchers now believe that there are actually two types of Parkinson’s Disease.

An article regarding Parkinson’s Disease affecting eye movements.

Golf found to be beneficial to Parkinson’s Disease sufferers.

An article regarding a sufferer.