Parents' Voice annual Fame and Shame Awards

The Parents’ Voice annual Fame and Shame Awards is now open for voting.

Featuring the worst in unhealthy food marketing, the Fame and Shame Awards is an opportunity to increase public awareness of the targeting of children by unhealthy food and drink companies and the failure of self regulation by the advertising industry. The Awards also feature two categories celebrating the best in healthy eating and physical activity advertising to children.

Please make a nomination if you’ve seen something worthy:


This is my nomination, True Fruit Bars 100% Tropical Fruit…saw this last time at the supermarket. The colourful packaging and label indicating that it was

  • 100% Tropical Fruits
  • an ideal snack (possibly for a child’s school lunchbox)
  • no added sugar
  • no fat
  • No preservatives, additives or colourings
  • Low GI
  • High in dietary fibre & protein

drew our attention and surely must be good for you. After reading the nutritional panel,

we left it on the shelves as it has total sugars higher than most chocolates (including bars and flavoured types) and also very high in energy. We wouldn’t call it a snack, but a unhealthy treat food based on tropical fruits.