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Parcel delivery problems


It turns out that the parcel was delivered to my local Australia Post agency on the 23rd. I happened to be in the shop on other business today and the owner mentioned the mail that had been waiting for a week.

The sequence of events:
22nd - dispatched from Adelaide;
I was emailed a link that didn’t work;
23rd - delivered Newcastle, then to a small village up the valley;
Adelaide to Newcastle in a day or so. Quite impressive so far;
Star Track database updated to show delivery to Newcastle (which I wouldn’t know about, if not for @grahroll);
Then, nothing. No email, no SMS, not even a card in my letter box. If they’d even updated the Star Track database to show the true location it would have helped (unless I was still relying on their dodgy link).


I ordered an Ezydog lead from MyPetWarehouse on 29.10.2018 and I received an email from Australia Post on 30.10.2018 claiming it should be delivered by 01.11.2018.

The tracking number now shows “Delayed” and the last and only location is Pinkenba.

As the old saying states “You just can’t help stupid”.


The parcel was finally delivered yesterday after a mere 8 days to get from Brisbane to Cairns.

Today I received an email from Australia Post asking how did they do and if I would recommend them.

I hope that they like their 0 out of 10 rating.


Australia Post B double truck burnt out.

And you thought that you had a parcel delivery problem?

The cheque was in the mail. Honest?


Last week I was expecting a parcel (18Kg) sent from Melbourne to Glenhaven in Sydney. There was no choice of courier provided and the shipping price was “free”. Checking on the courier’s web site showed that the parcel got to their Silverwater (Sydney, NSW) depot quite quickly, then the next morning was scanned “out for delivery”. At around 19:00 it was scanned back in, presumably the driver couldn’t deliver all his day’s work. The next three mornings it had a new entry out for delivery, but no scan in so still in the truck. When it finally arrived late on the fourth day the packaging was damaged and wet and the driver had to walk all over existing parcels in the truck to get to it, in his steel capped work boots. His only explanation was “we are doing pickups as well”. Not interested in further discussion. Luckily the contents were robust. This was Hunter Express, never dealt with them before but based on this experience will feed back to the seller of the item.


has the person been fired for fraud?


This new Boston Dynamics robot should be a shoe in for your footpath.

And if your gate is not open, it will probably just jump over your fence.



Not likely. It will be well behaved and like all well trained dogs never attack anyone. Unless asked to!

I do wonder about bones though. Will the AI be so dog like, one whiff of a decaying lamb shank can distract the AI or will it simple ravage the nearest servo for some grease and an oil change. Ah, what about that juicy High Voltage transformer over there?

An alternative to the local parcels van for some? As we do not have a footpath it would need a license and rego to run down the road though? :thinking: