Panasonic cordless phone - website tells a lie

Last year I bought a couple of sets of Panasonic cordless phones (Model KX-TDG323) because I wanted to block scammers. It worked great until today when it said the memory was full and it wouldn’t let me save the number I wanted to block.

I checked the Panasonic website for the manual and sure enough the advert for this model says it blocks 250 numbers. Buried in the manual and specifications, however, it says 50 numbers…



You could return it under the Australian Consumer law since it was represented as storing 250 numbers. You may not have purchased it if you knew it only had 50. Take a print of the web page with you as evidence.

See page 7.


Do you have link to the website page where it says 250 phone number storage…the Panasonic Australia website for the phones show 50 memory storage.

We have an older Panasonic phone which has a 100 number caller barred list and it didn’t take long to fill every slot. One can delete numbers in the memory but it is not all that easy process (is very time consuming).

Also while it is commended that Panasonic is trying to find a ‘fix’ for nuisance calls, what we find is that the nuisance/scammers tend to use the one number maybe for a day and then generate a new one for caller id. I suspect that this is to get around the number blocking phones/apps or dor provides to bar a particular caller id.

My parents recently called their phone provider and asked for all international calls to be blocked in attempt to reduce the number of scam calls they are getting. They are fortunate they don’t receive ISD/IDD calls and this was an option for them. It was only done last week and it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference in the coming months.



Hi @amanda2

Are you referring to the:


It appears that this graphic is a standard one used by Panasonic for all its phone with the nuisance call feature, irrespective of the number of nuisance call ids which can be stored in the phone.

It is also unclear what the graphic means…250 caller id memory…250 being the total number of calls it blocks before it self destructs, 250Sv being the amount of radiation which the phone can withstand…etc.

The full specs (extract as posted above) indicates clearly that the Nuisance Call Block is a feature of this phone and is for 50 numbers.

I would think that you would be lucky to have Panasonic exchange/refund based on a non-descriptive graphic…but if you wish to try, good luck.


Seems some models do block 250 numbers - but not this model …

IF that graphic is on the outside of the sealed retail box and there is nothing in the way of conflicting specification on the outside of the box that is more prominent than the graphic, then I’d reckon Panasonic would need to be able to explain how the number 250 related to blocking calls without actually being the number of discrete numbers it could store for blocking (words “call block” and the bent arrow indicating rejection) or its a simple case of misleading advertising.

I’d bet someone cut and pasted the graphics and didn’t update that one …