Painter - Shoddy Work, Rude Customer Service

I engaged house painter - M.W Painting Decorating- about 18 months ago. The initial work was to a reasonable standard.
A few months after completion, paint started peeling and woodwork cracking. We have contacted the painter on 4 occasions since. IE: -

  1. He returned to rectify the job. However, after a few months, it cracked again.
  2. Sent an SMS about June. - The reply was, "I will return next week. He didn’t return and no message was received.
  3. Sent another SMS about August. - No response.
  4. Sent another SMS with a gentle reminder. I even offered to complete the work myself, but reminded him, he hadn’t finished the job. He responded with a phone call to my wife. It was full of expletives: told my wife to “f… o…” and hung up.
    This man was operating from Willetton WA. However, I now believe he is in Collie WA. His firm should not be confused with another painter with a very similar name. I make it quite clear, this review is NOT about the painting firm of M W Painting.
    Please , do yourself a favour and Stay Away From M.W Paining Decorating.

Sorry to hear you’ve had a frustrating experience @BruserSnr. If you have any photos that you’d be willing to share, please add them to the thread. If you plan to escalate the dispute, you may want to contact Consumer Protection if you haven’t already.


I see that you hav e given them some feedback on Product Review.