Packaging with cellophane

I bought some Mission brand wraps the other day. I’ve been used to other brands being in plastic of some kind, usually with a resealable ziplock thing… not these ones. The packaging is thin cellophane and once opened cannot be closed again. Can’t be re-used at all. If I did not have some very large ziplock baggies, I would ultimately have ended up having to throw away at least half the contents. I dont have them very often, but when I want one, I expect that it will be edible, not dried out and falling to bits…

Having noticed that, I also notice that some packs of nuts are also in non-reusable and non-closable packing (thank goodness for empty moccona coffee jars). Does this mean that the purveyors are expecting you to just buy more? Is this a sneaky way to get you to spend more often than you want?


Maybe this is the price to be paid for reducing use of plastic… perhaps you could share your experience with Mission??

“True cellophane is making a comeback today due to green awareness & Eco-friendly markets. It is 100% biodegradable & is seen by many as a more earth-friendly packaging material than BOPP.”


Without intending to go OT or diminish your point that is well made, we can occasionally find these original sealers or Chinese sourced equivalents. They work a treat to reseal those ‘nasty’ bags. Reject Shop sometimes has them and there are many ebay merchants; I am surprised they are not more easily obtainable.


Then, we need to get into the issue of food waste…

I suppose I could share with Mission but sometimes I just cannot get going on things like that.


We rarely use wraps, so they go into the freezer wrapped in a plastic bag (which we re-use). I do buy a number of loose goods in plastic / cellophane bags, but decant them into airtight containers when opened.

Unfortunately our Council is fairly limited in what they will recycle, and we are no where near the large supermarkets who will take soft plastics. Avoiding packaging or choosing one with a lesser impact is our guide.