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Package Pending - Alert - Scam text message

I have just received a new scam text:

" Hi. We have (1) package pending on your name. Schedule delivery now: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "

I have obscured the address provided so no one clicks on it by accident. It leads to a malware site (it may have a Malware warning depending on your browser, and protection) which will attempt to install harmful software. Do not go there!

Delete the text,


I have been bombarded with messages like these.
Telstra advise that Spams and Scams can be forwarded to ACMA for follow up. I am not sure what they can do, in reality, but here are the contacts I have been using.
ACMA details:
forward messages to: +61 429 999 888
forward emails to:


This type of scam has been around for years, but more sucessful in these times of lockdowns sending more people to online shopping and expecting deliveries.
I am sure ACMA are well aware, so sending more examples is just a waste of time.
Just delete them.


Yes there has been an avalanche of spam and scam messages of late (and not all from our Governments :joy:).

I have reported to ACMA in the past, but never received any response and not been aware of any action taken. Consequently it seems like as much a waste of time as writing to the ACCC, so as @Gregr wrote, just delete the scam and spam, and move on.


If one looks at the amount of spam one gets (we have 292 spam email this month alone from two email addresses, previous months were 272 and 277). If everyone reports every email, text or post one gets as spam it would run into the 10s billions in Australia each month. To process these and work out patterns or those which need to be blocked isn’t a simple task.

We still report hoping other do as well as hopefully the more reported, the better filters and blockers will be in the future. While it won’t stop spam (they will work ways around the filters and blocks), at least hopefully the laggard spammers won’t have success meaning overall reduction in spam. I can sleep dreaming…


The point is that without appropriate feedback we don’t know whether the information we provided is of any value at all; so then why bother providing it?

Regardless of the value of the provided information, I believe it would be just common courtesy to provide more than a machine generated ‘acknowlegement of receipt of your message’. In a bureacracy of that size, they should have the werewithal to do better.


They may think their reports they provide are the needed feedback desired. This is not accepting of that view, it is just a possible why for what happens.

I certainly would appreciate a bit more personal reply if action is taken, I’m sure I’m not the only one making complaints about any particular scam, I’m equally as sure that complaints about a type of scam are clumped together to provide a more clear picture. In this then an email with added name to the Salutation shouldn’t be difficult and the content would not need to be very significant in it’s detail beyond the scam name and possibly type and a general outcome description eg the Scam has been shut down or we do not currently have the ability to close this scam down.


As @phb said, the sheer volume of inputs into ACMA or ACCC if everyone sent reports would be impossible to handle.
People think it annoying to get a dozen spam email or sms’ a day.
How would the above organisations deal with millions of reports a day?
Get online and look it up to see if others have reported your scam message.

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I know they know, I see their provided reports and I have read them. Most are very lacking in detail but it satisfies the requirements of the Govt of the day it seems to have such reports so they can say action is being taken but not in anyway detail that action beyond a few notable cases.

I’m not asking for a blow by blow email every time I report spam/phishing attempts. What I am talking about is an outcome email, this means if a scam has been closed down or if it is too difficult then an acknowledgment in general terms eg the xyz spam has been blocked or the xyz spam cannot be blocked currently but we continue to seek means to do so.

The ACCC also need to address their bland and uninformative messages, if no outcome possible then say so, if a positive outcome then inform those who contacted and if a negative outcome it also needs to inform those who reported the problem. A day by day or blow by blow contact is not needful or wanted. Similar about their reports and provided to Govt whitewashing.


It would be very easy for them to send an automated email saying thanks for the report and it will be used for future reference.

We use Signal to report email spam…and the Thunderbird extension notification box says thanks at the end of reporting. At least you know it has gone through into their system.


Well I wonder how any Gov organization could think up a reply confirmation message that would not be considered more spam or scam arriving by some, and then in turn getting reported.
The endless loop possibility.

If someone take the trouble to send something in to ACMA, I don’t think that a thank you reply would be considered as spam or scam. They may even appreciate it! :slight_smile:


They do send an acknowledgment of receipt and typically a case reference number.

My discussion is not so much about that acknowledgment but more about when a case is closed either successfully or otherwise it would be good that a brief email or text on the result would be good feedback to those who submitted complaints and evidence.


I agree, and had mentioned the acknowledgement and asking in post #6 why they don’t provide more feedback, and that is what I was referring to when I said the thank you reply (with feedback) would not be deemed spam.


I’ve been getting those also, along with poorly spelled “You have a missez call, detailh: URL”. I gather the spelling is to bypass string matching in spam protection.

I have been adding these numbers to a blocked contact. At least the same number won’t get through twice (not that I expect that to be any sort of meaningful deterrent.) I get about one per day.


Yes I have been getting email saying they from Australia post, as soon as I see the email address I know it is not from Australia Post saying they have a damaged parcel for me. It’s a scam so just delete the email.


I forward EVERY SINGLE ONE of these scam texts I receive to the ACMA scam line.

It bolsters the numbers of incidents reported, and I hope that if enough people do this it will eventually embarrass ACMA into pressuring the carriers to up their game.


I also forward all my spam SMS messages to the ACMA. I’ve been receiving at least one a day for the last few weeks. All very similar, some with poor spelling. Only problem was, I accidentally forwarded one about a delivery to them. Shortly afterwards a parcel arrived. Someone from work had arranged for their package to be delivered to my place as they knew i’d be home to receive it. It was a company I hadn’t heard of, so I just assumed it was like the other 30 or so spam SMS messages I received.


Thanks for your warning. I think I may have posted this before but the other scam is they use a reputable company, the last one was DHL. They all looked reasonably professional until you click on the link and it tells you that you have to pay a certain amount before you will record your parcel. This immediately raised questions for me as 99% of those that I purchase from do not have any delivery charges and if they do you pay for it at the time of purchase. Be careful.


I too have packages pending, and trying to work out which are the real notifications can sometimes be a challenge.