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Pack sizes differences of national brands in supermarkets


Has anyone examples of the pack sizes of national brands of food and grocery products (not home/generic brands) differing between supermarket chains in major stores?

I have several examples of the sizes at Aldi not being the same as those at Coles and Woolworths. So, I am mainly looking for examples of differences in pack sizes between Coles and Woolworths.

For example, for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes at large stores Woolworths has 450g and 920g packs and Coles only has 725g packs.

The number of pack sizes sold may differ between stores within a chain, for example due to store size differences, .So, I am mainly interested in whole of chain differences in the pack sizes sold.

Any examples of differences in pack size between Coles and Woolworths stores and their online sites would also be helpful.




I have noticed some over time and always attributed it as a way to obfuscate unit price differences between the stores, or at least making one seem cheaper than the other.

One that comes to mind is Alfa 3L rice bran oil at Coles and 4L at Woolies - same unit price excepting when one or the other is on sale. This example could also be that one or the other size is more convenient depending on use and volume consumed, eg your fryer capacity.


I suspect that this is to make one think that it is cheaper (e.g. Aldi) than its competitors for what may appear to be the same item…when in fact it is a different size and one would need to compare unit prices to see which one is actually the cheapest.

One of our good friends once said that Aldi had a particular branded product a lot cheaper than the supermarkets…I did some checking and found out like @TheBBG indicated, the unit price was similar (from memory the unit price for Aldi was a couple of cents more per 100g.

I showed this to him and he was shocked as he was under the belief that he scored a bargain at Aldi.

With Aldi changing its in store unit pricing to make it more difficult to read, it shows that some supermarkets aren’t cheaper than others (and maybe don’t want their customers to easily find out by making the unit pricing difficult to read).


Thanks. Just checked online and you are right about these pack sizes. Woolies also has 500mL and 1L bottles but Coles does not. Also, there is a very expensive (in UP terms) 225g aerosol at Coles but not Woolies.