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OZ DESIGN's draconian returns policy

Oz Design Customer Care advised me that “Goods should be inspected upon collection as often damage identified after transport would not be covered under a warranty” and additionally “after (a photo) review by our product manager, is not a manufacturing defect or warrantable concern, it is clearly damages that have occurred, sadly as a result of some impact in the transportation process”. In other words, if a boxed product is found damaged upon opening at home it is devoid of absolutely any warranty. The statement and inference are clearly in breach of the Australian Consumer Law. WHO OPENS THE BOX OF EVERY PRODUCT THEY BUY PRIOR TO LEAVING THE STORE?
At no point was I told to check the condition of the product prior to leaving the store let alone signing for it. However, Customer Care wrote, “The store staff also would certainly have never refused for you to check the goods upon signing for them. However, upon collection the paperwork for the goods does state Received in Good Order and Condition”.
Worse still, the damage appears to have been taped over during manufacture so as to conceal the damage.
It was also admitted that “damage may have occurred prior to collection…”. A replacement was offered as “a gesture of goodwill as the cause of such damages cannot be determined”. What? It’s not a gesture of good will OZ DESIGN, it’s the law!