OWC Australia - Extraordinary service

Here is a company I don’t mind dealing with.

First up, I have no financial interest in any shape or form with this company.
The battery in my Apple MacBook Pro from mid 2012 died after 6 years. Apple will not sell these but will install at a cost a new one.
I am an electronics engineer and have no problem installing a new battery myself.
So I decided to purchase a suitable battery from OWC and installed it. All good so far. This was 3 years ago. Now this battery died prematurely because OWC states on their website that this replacement battery would be better than the Apple battery. Guaranteed it says. Since it only lasted 3 years I decided to contact them and reminded them of the ACL (Australian Consumer Law) and after sending them a photo of the faulty battery with its serial number they speedily sent a brand new battery to me at no cost.
Extraordinary Service I would have thought and worth mentioning. Well done OWC!


Always great to read Good News outcomes on here.