Overcharging for Long Term Parking at Brisbane Airport

I was charged $40 to my credit card when leaving the carpark after a holiday on 8/12/16 despite having paid in advance.
I phoned to query this and was asked to explain the exact details which I did. I was told that the system has made an error and that I should scan my receipt and write a detailed email of the incident and to scan and send a copy of the receipt to claim a refund.
No apologies just a flat refusal to refund the overcharge until I had written an email.
I wrote and received a form which asked for all the information a third time and instructions that "to enable us to process a refund claim, please: Complete the attached form and ensure all required details have been provided as requested. Reply to this email with the completed forms attached as soon as possible. Once this information has been received a full assessment will be conducted.
Please be advised this process could take up to 14 days to complete. Failure to complete all the required fields on the form may delay the refund process. If we do not receive a reply within 30 days of the date of this email, we will consider this application to be closed.
A normal reaction to a found out overcharge is to apologise and to refund the money without delay. Brisbane Airports system seems designed to make me give up trying to get the overcharge back.
I will update if they refund me


The classic “fob off” tactic - make the process so onerous that many people will just cut their losses and wear the overcharge. You can be reasonably sure that you’re not alone.

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@greatwhite58 you could also lodge a credit card charge back request with your bank. It may be better to do this before the airport gets back to you since your right to a charge back will expire after a time frame set by your bank. It could be as short as 30 days.


Try using charge back on your credit card, speak to your bank. Good luck.


After 6 weeks finally got my refund followed two days later by an email to say that since I had not bothered to respond the case was closed. Hope the guy in charge of parking is never allowed near planes