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Oven cleaning

Looking forward to manufacturers making cleaning easier.
Why can’t ovens be made with removable sides…?
I don’t mind soaking the stainless steel racks etc BUT
cleaning the sides and top of a wall oven is super difficult.
Pyrolytic sides don’t seem to be the answer…creating smoke
and using lots of electricity over the cleaning cycle.


Hi @obrush21, welcome to the community.

Some ovens once did. We had a 2006 bought catalytic Fisher and Paykel oven which had removable side/wall panels. The oven came with enameled replacement panels which could be used if one didn’t want to use the catalytic coated panels. They could be easily swapped over or removed to clean.

It may be worth shopping around to see which manufacturers still provide this option.

Maybe @kimg from Choice might be able to comment whether any ovens from Choice’s oven tests came with removal panel options like our older F&P oven.