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Outlook 2016 Problems

Something has gone wrong with Outlook 2016 on both our PC and laptop overnight.

It downloads emails but only displays the top of each one so I have to click the “view in browser” to read each one.

When I tried to send an email, after I typed “Hi XXXX” and hit the enter button to move to the next line, the words disappeared, but when I hit the backspace button, they reappeared.

Both computers were working fine yesterday and the emails are displaying correctly on Internode Webmail. The internet is also working fine.

Any suggestions as to what the problem might be?



IT news has reported today that this is a worldwide bug affecting Outlook… According to the report, the fix is found is should be available soon.


Many thanks.

I won’t spend the day chasing my tail.


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I have installed the Windows 10 update that appeared today and Outlook 2016 is working properly again.


Unfortunately, the internal Bluetooth on the laptop has now disappeared.

I guiess I will have to wait for the Mk2 update.

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Oh dear. Looks like the work experience students have been busy at Redmond WA again doing maintenance.


Exactly the same issue with my Outlook 2019 overnight. I’m on Windows 10. Go to settings > Programs and features>uninstall or change a program and highlight Microsoft Office. Select “Change” from the header and continue. Say Yes to allow app to run and select repair.