Outdoor heating

What is the best,most economic way to heat patio

If you have to ask you can’t afford it. There isn’t ever cheap to heat a patio, its a choice between expensive and very expensive, you would be better off staying inside until the weather gets warmer.

If you leave the area open any kind of warmth will just blow away on the breeze. You could enclose it (which will not be cheap) but then it isn’t a patio.


Most outdoor systems rely on radiant heat.
EG reflective gas heating panels or hooded burners. There are some electric radiant options too. Very high energy consumption with LPG and NG systems being most common.

The effect is like sitting next to a bonfire. The part of your body pointing directly towards the heat source feels warmth from the radiated energy. The air around your face will remain freezing cold. The portion of your body heavily clothed or not facing the fire will receive zero benefit.

I suspect the most effective strategy may be to disrobe and rotate slowly at a safe distance. From the radiant heat source and likely others nearby to avoid undue attention. :roll_eyes:


Hi @Lucy1, welcome to the community.

If you could provide further details in the patio, it might allow better response from members in relation to options that might be available. The sort of information which would be useful is:

  • is it fully enclosed or is it open on more than one side?
  • is it roofed?
  • is it connected to the house (a patio in the garden or against the side of the house)?
  • is there existing services available at the patio such as power/gas?
  • how often is the patio used and the heating needed?


In addition to @phb’s great questions that we need more information on, it would also help if we know where you reside; what is the aspect of the patio (does it face N, S, etc); is the roof insulated; how much sun does it get, or is it shaded; and finally, what part of the day/year (day/night, summer/winter etc) do you most use the patio?

You may also benefit from reading Radiant Strip Heaters, an earlier topic to do with patio warming.