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Oura Ring review

The Oura Ring puts the functions of a fitness band in a ring that you can wear on any finger. Read our review product below.

What are your thoughts on the Oura Ring - would you try one or do you prefer a fitness tracker band?


I am underwhelmed by the device from my reading of the review. I will save my money and count myself lucky.


There are quite a few smart rings about. One that interested me was the Motiv but thats been bought out and can no longer be purchased by people like thee and me. I’d be interested in one that could do payments. NAB actually has such a beast, and its inexpensive ($39 IIRC) but it doesnt do anything else, or work with anything except NAB. I’ve not heard much lately about it so maybe it has gone the way of the dodo, too.


A big ‘NUP’ from me.

I shower wearing a ring, use a block splitter wearing a ring, grip/use impact tools wearing a ring and many other tasks. I do take it off to use the drill press, lathe etc, although like most rings it already possess great powers that insist it is returned to it’s appointed finger. Not sure I need another one, nor how to explain I’ve US$299 to spend on one that is not gold or for the girl friend.

Oops, should not have mentioned the last. :rofl:

Focused - The wise one has a fitness tracker, I don’t. There has been a recent offer to loan it to me, but somehow I don’t expect it will tell me anything we both don’t already know. I’ll wait for the more suitable version that detects snakes in the long grass from 5m distant. They can be very single minded this time of the year.


Huh. Call me when there’s a bluetooth enabled earring with a noise cancelling speaker and mike that connects to the phone. Till then the phone and hand-me-down almost smart watch will do. :laughing: