Origin’s frozen webpage

Today I received a letter from Origin Energy advising that my current gas supply plan had expired and that I would need to now choose a new plan.

I chose their Origin Maximser that offers 15% discount plus a $50 credit if you sign up online.

I duly commenced the process of signing up online but lo and behold the process stalled every time I clicked on the NEXT button. In the end I rang Origin Energy and had to sign-up by phone. I have been assured that I will still receive the $50 credit, however I received a hard sell to transfer my electricity supply to Origin. (I respectfully declined).

It occurred to me that the failure for the origin web page not to work was possibly to enable:

  • The savings of a $50 credit and / or
  • An Origin Sales representative the opportunity to flog their electricity product.

Has anyone else experienced Origin’s frozen webpage when seeking to enter an energy supply agreement online?


There are innocent explanations too. When I have issues such as this, I clear the cookies for that domain in my browser. Often it solves the problem. Of course sometimes the fault lies with the organisation. Maybe their payment server has become overwhelmed by the flood of people taking up the offer?

If you don’t know how to clear the cookies, go to the help section of your browser for answers. Please note, you don’t have to clear ALL cookies, just the ones for the particular domain. In this case I would search for any cookie that had ‘origin’ in the name.

Hope that help if it occurs to you again.


Also if you block Java this can have a very big influence on page responses. Most buttons use java scripts.


Thanks for the feedback. I have deleted all cookies and I have searched web page for Java script with no success. I am using Firefox 58.0.2 and have checked all add-ons in case the fault lies there. I use Norton 360 for security.

I guess when I mention Origin I get a little excited as until very recently, they were the only available natural gas supplier for Wagga Wagga. I resent going through the charade every 12 months of “selecting” a new plan. Can not the supplier understand that I the consumer will want the lowest cost plan??? Decisions regarding supplier reputation, reliability etc are redundant when you have only one supplier.