Origin - Monopoly

I wanted to move my gas meter. Origin informed me only ONE company authorized to do this. Exploitive quote $2000+ !!
No response from Origin when I complained about quote - any suggestions?
Isn’t there an Australian consumer law about monopolies?

Because I strongly oppose fracking and Origins reliance on fossil fuels, And exporting Australian gas overseas to customers who pay Less than Australians…
I will probably just have the gas disconnected. Origin does not have customer service for Australians and our increasing energy costs are criminal.

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What state/city are you in?

The reason is you can find out the owner of the gas network/meters and work from there.

Disconnecting form the gas network is a good move- better for the environment, and your hip pocket, since you avoid the standing charges and the fuel costs. Everything that gas does, electricity can do more efficiently and less expensively. Just add a PV system to improve the result even more!

Thanks PH I am in Victoria and think Origin owns the gas/network/meters.

Cheers Gordon,
What is a PV system?
I have 3.5kw solar hoping to afford more soon and will be asking advice about batteries next…
I abhor AGL and other fossil fueled dependent companies, happy to be with powershop, will be happier when “off the grid” : ) What’s your power supply?

Hi @Wend,

Looks like Austnet services owns the gas network in Victoria.

If this is the case, then Origin will be a retailer.

It may be worth contacting Austnet and have a chat to them about moving the meter and what is involved. Hopefully they won’t pass you back to your retailer, but may provide some advice on what is involved and how to get the process going…including who can do it and how to get an accurate quote.

The network owner would be responsible up to the meter (and charge a relocation fee)…your plumber would connect from then on when meter is moved. There is some info from 2012 that the cost to move a meter 1m had a $495 relocation fee + homeowner plumber costs.

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Wend, PV= photovoltaic, (panels) aka solar panels which you already have :slight_smile:

If you are looking at batteries, be very sure to make certain the systems you are being quoted on are able to run as a backup when the grid is down, ie, as stand-alone, many of them can’t. Also be sure they can deliver enough power to run what you want to run, as some of them have very low rates of power delivery.

AGL is one of the dirty big 3 polluters in the energy industry, despite the greenwashing campaigns you may have seen lately.

My power supplier has been myself since 1991, off-grid solar and a bit of wind power :grin:


Thanks for the great information Gordon,

It seems you are well researched and experienced in the area of home energy systems.
Have you written an article on how to assess energy needs, and where to buy, which components ie batteries are recommended etc
Where would you suggest non technical others find this information?

Cheers Consumer Defender Gordon

I haven’t written anything specifically on that topic Wend, but my employer has a free guide to solar here:

Finn Peacock’s Solar Quotes web site has plenty of useful info, including battery cost comparisons, here:

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have on assessing your requirements, ways to avoid gas etc.


I had a LPG refill bottle gas service with Origin, annual bills of over $200, switched to another, replace LPG bottle gas provider, now only use 1, 45 kg bottle annually. Will never go back to Origin for a gas service.

Thanks very much Gordon - great resources

I agree - Origin AGL etc horrible- Powershop ok but PV with batteries even better

Cheers Bob
I’m hoping batteries become affordable in my limited budget very soon.

Origin would top up my 45kg bottle on a regular period with an annual bill of $200~300. Top ups maximise profits. Moved to Egas bottle replacement, use one 45kg bottle a year for a cost of $130. Saved $s over the last 7 years.

Thanks Brohill, Good to know, may use bottle from local gas provider instead of Origin.