Optus Sport's Soccer service

For fans of English Premier League soccer, of which there are many, the only real option for viewing in Australia is Optus Sport. You can subscribe to one of the club’s services like Chelsea but then you can only see Chelsea matches.

However, the Optus Sport service is very frustrating to watch. The coverage moves in jerks, stopping frequently and rarely providing 30 seconds of continuous play at one time. Compare this with Netflix or iView where the viewing experience is smooth and continuous almost all the time. Their servers simply aren’t up to the job. Phone calls to their help desk don’t bring much assistance apart from “re-start your modem” – which is the same modem that continuously shows Netflix etc.

Minor frustrations include advertisements, even though you are paying for a subscription service and cost - they lost coverage of the European Champions League, which has the best soccer in the world, but subscription levels remained the same.