Optus NBN is worse than the existing cable

Hi, just like to share my current problems with Optus.
I have been a customer for over 15 years and for the last 4 years I have a solid 100Mbs download speed anytime of the day. I am on cable and a $75 plan and get unlimited calls, data and a fetch box too.

The NBN is due and optus is offering speeds of 45Mbs on its 50/20 plan, no fetch and the same price.
A neighbour is on a $60 plan. He has been offered 50/20 for $60, unlimited calls and data. Far superior than is offered to me.
Optus refuses to put me on the $60 plan because I was paying $75.
Once you have paid a price with Optus they will only move it higher and the help desk is unable to put you on a lower plan.
If I go with the $75 plan they will give a $10 rebate for 6 months which maybe extended at their discretion. If I choose to leave then I have to pay the extortionate leaving fees and pay out the modem.
Solution…buy my own modem from Officeworks and leave if the price does go up.
Not the best but I would recommend anyone to use a general web email and be willing to burn your internet provider.


Different day.

Same bunch of thieving grubs.


Just be aware some RSPs require you to use their modem/router for VOIP phone service. You can use your own, but you might also have to use theirs if only for the phone. Some include them for free, and some charge depending on plan.

On the basis of your post I would plot my escape from Optus and flee at the earliest possible moment.

You might ring Optus and ask for the ‘customer retention department’. Most companies have one but not always with that name. They can do things the regular phone people cannot.


If the Cable is going to be NBN Co stuff you don’t need to stick with Optus, you can use any nbn™ provider that is in your area and there are a very large number of them:


The bigger players tend to be in no particular order…Telstra, Belong, Optus, TPG, Aussie Broadband (ABB), Vocus Group (iPrimus and DODO mostly), Exetel, MyRepublic, & Foxtel.

Among that list and really across all nbn™ Retail Service Providers (RSP), if it is of any concern for you the only Priority Assistance (PA) provider is Telstra


I second that. It is likely you will get a better package elsewhere.

This is loyalty tax at its worst.


Now I recall why I never sign up for any plan longer than a month and buy any gear outright at the start. The provider is then always on trial and I can leave at any time if their promised support level, speed or reliability proves to be fictitious. In many respects 12/18/24 month plans are a form of time payment with a big catch.

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Optus do not have a $60 plan for the NBN. Their $75 plan does not include phone calls or a Fetch. It’s also only a 50Mbps nominal speed which is half what you have now.

$60 on competitors NBN plans will provide only basic 12Mbps speeds, no included calls and no Fetch. EG Aussie Broadband - Basic 12 Mbps $59pm. Your neighbour seems to have a deal no one else can match if it is high speed NBN, calls and Fetch included.

It does look as if the NBN for existing Optus cable customers is a backward step. I wonder if Telstra cable customers suffer the same fate?

Not the only NBN rip off with customers paying more for less. Optus and Telstra have similar issues. It is the Government owned NBN Co that is responsible for setting the base costs for each service speed. There is little Optus can do. The ACCC also knows and as often happens has not remedied.


With Cable there is no choice but to move to nbn™ cable (HFC) once the nbn™ infrastructure is in place and switched over if you want to remain with Cable.


Optus do have a $60 plan. You must be invited. The invite is extended to those on a previous $60 cable plan. Those on the $75 cable plan can not sign up for it as Optus will not allow you to pay less money…but they will give you less service.


For many consumers the nbn offering is farcical. I too had cable at 100Mbit/sec , Optus, for over 10 years. Then nbn came along. Having listened to Turnbull talk up the cut price “mixture of technologies” , I was concerned that it would be retrograde for me. So i rang the nbn before i signed up, and was given an absolute assurance it would be at least as fast in practice. A lie. They unplugged the cable, and restored the ancient twisted pair copper connection to my house. At best, now on nbn i might enjoy around 40mbit/sec. Less with congestion. Problem is, there wasn’t really a choice, Optus had stopped maintaining their cable network anyway, because of nbn.

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I have taken the offer of $10/month off for 6 months. I also took a standard modem, after a lot of talking, at no charge if I leave after 6 months.