Optus and NBN excluded from metro 5G spectrum auctions

The 3.6GHz band is not where most of the 5G action is. Given its limitations, 5G is unlikely to live up to the hype. The highest speeds are achieved at frequencies that won’t even penetrate walls and don’t propagate well over distances. The allocation limits imposed by the minister point to other, more substantial problems. There isn’t enough radio-frequency spectrum for every market player to have a usable slice.

To me, this just proves yet again that slicing spectrum into bands doesn’t increase the amount of spectrum. Selling bands to the private sector doesn’t optimise the value of the spectrum.

I reckon managing the RF spectrum as a single whole would optimise its value to the nation. Of course, that would mean management by the public sector* - and the far Right wouldn’t allow that.
*If we’re stuck with a monoply, then experience shows that a public sector monopoly generally works less-badly than one controlled by the private sector.


Its short term profits (with a view to elections) vs long term benefits to the constituents who they are supposed to represent.


Oh, for the vision that built the Snowy Mountains Scheme (and yes, I know it has a lot of downsides), planned under Labor’s Chifley and mostly built under the Liberals’ Menzies. Imperfect perhaps, but at least they thought beyond the next election.