Online shopping with your credit card? Check your transaction history for multiple charges

This has happened to me twice in the last few weeks…shopping online paying with my credit card…and getting charged multiple times. Check your statements!!

First purchase was a “Click and Collect” with Myer. I happened to notice the $80 charge was billed twice to my credit card. After a phone call, they promised to refund (no idea why they can take your money straight away, but it always takes 5 or so business days to get it back!) I asked why/how did this happen? Her reply…“it just happens sometimes”. I hadn’t noticed any hiccups in the purchasing process.

Second time…online purchase through Sheridan, which was being funded my a partial credit already on my Sheridan account…and the balance via my credit card. The credit card details were entered, the dreading spinning circle as things updated, and when my page refreshed, I just got the message…“your cart is empty”. No order, no email confirmation, nothing in my Sheridan account, however, my store credit was now gone. I didn’t think to check my credit card until later, and I discovered they had also charged me. Contacted Sheridan, they eventually fixed things up.

I then left it a few days and tried my purchase again…same thing happened…no successful purchase, yet they charged my credit card. Contacted them again, explained everything…again. They said they had refunded. I then tried to purchase a third time, and I finally got an order number and email confirmation.
I’m still waiting for a refund, my credit card has been charged 3 times, with only 1 x refund and 1 x valid order. They claimed they finally did it yesterday…even though all this happened 10 days ago.
If nothing is forthcoming, I’ll just get my credit card company to deal with it.

Morale of the story…check your credit card statements. Too often, I just quickly glance over mine.


My wife and I check all our financial accounts including credit cards online daily.

Forewarned is forearmed?


Checking my credit card statements daily seems to be my new habit …and with all the dodgy workings of the internet, it’s one habit I’ll now be continuing!


Well done.



Does this happen if youse PAYPAL to pay via your credit card?

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Yes, regularly checking account transactions, particularly credit and debit card accounts, provides early detection of unauthorised and failed transactions. I also use real-time credit card transaction notifications to my phone so I’ll receive an immediate notice of an unauthorised transaction.

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I use a spreadsheet to enter all my expenses and I religiously ( no relation to that word religiosity ! ) check every item on my bank statements every month. There is a scam around the world that skims millions of dollars every year from unwitting customers. The scammers only steal small amounts of money like $5.00 from millions of customers but because some/many customers do not practise due diligence and check their Statements, these small amounts go undetected leaving these criminals a source of ill-gotten income.

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Touch wood: I use PayPal for about 95% of purchases and so far so good

Hear hear same here

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I’d suggest in these cases to immediately involve your credit card provider. Potentially, your charge will be promptly reversed and a charge back fee will be charged against the Retailer, whilst your card company investigates the circumstances.

Sure but then you go through all the rigmarole of getting a new card, waiting for it be be delivered while you don’t have a card on that account and then having to update anything that depended on the old card.

Not so, unless you and your credit card provider are concerned that fraud is involved in which case you would cancel the card. You know the circumstance of what has occurred and my suggestion would be the quickest way to secure the return of your money (plus a penalty for the retailer)

I thought the thread had moved on to unauthorised transactions.

So did I.