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I discovered it’s a online shopping app from Japan. I purchased about 5 differnt products all together. The first purchase arrived and it was a watch. It didn’t look the same so i had a look at the photo on the add and sure enough the outside dial surrounding the face with the numbers on it was clearly missing.
I requested a refund and told them exactly what was wrong. Attached the 2 photos explaining each one.
Around the 5th submission i was complaining directly to the company. By the 8th submission i was telling them what will happen if they choose to rip me off. By the 12th submission the company told me to destroy the watch with a hammer and try again. I replied with i am uncomfortable with such dishonesty. After a couple of days i weakend and did it. Refund request #13 submitted. Nope rejected. So one final request as i only ever wanted a replacement. This whole time.
I let them know what steps i will now take.
Step 1 Complaint to Department of Fair Trading - Done
Step 2 Contact every Media outlet in Australia-Done
Step 3 Once a week for 52 weeks I will post on my socials my experience with you worldwide.
Step 4 Nominating you for a 2020 Shonky Award…
As i said you don’t rip off an Aussie and certainly not one that’s been in Business Management for for 30 years.


Some reviews for them.

Caveat Emptor indeed.

Did you pay with a credit card or PayPal?

If so, have you looked at lodging a dispute with your credit card provider or PayPal and requesting a charge back?


Hi @Adn-24, welcome to the community and posting about Vova. I had never heard of them.

The are in Hong Kong, specifically Rm 901 Yip Fung Building 2-12 D’aguilar St Central HK.

Only one came through of a Rolex. With pre-owned Rolex watches starting at around $2000+ and new ones about three times this, was the watch around this price, or a cheap counterfeit knock off?

As the seller said to destroy the watch, one can assume it is counterfeit and you paid a small amount for it. Knowingly buying and importing counterfeit products from overseas has significant risks, which are summarised here…,and%20can%20result%20in%20prosecution.

I possibly wouldn’t be drawing attention to this especially if the media runs your story as it may give you unwanted attention from Australian Border Force.

One thing you can do is advise Rolex that Vova is selling counterfeit watches. They may decide to take action against the seller. You can report the seller here…


As @Fred123 stated, If purchased with a Credit Card (CC) ask your bank/financial institution for a Chargeback.

If paid for with PayPal raise a dispute with them and advise you believe the product is an illegal counterfeit. PayPal generally for counterfeiting businesses removes them from it’s portal.

BTW if you used a CC with the purchase you may want to keep a careful eye on your transactions as many of these sites are not above using your details for other purchases or on-selling on the dark web.


If you look at the date display, it is too small and not centred on the crown, and the magnifier window over the calendar is not correctly positioned, and too large. It seems to be fake.

Here is the genuine Rolex Submariner Date. With a stainless steel band it would cost $13,150 I think.