Online returns - expensive, onerous and designed to make you accept a partial refund?

I bought a mechanical style typewriter keyboard, cost, including shipping, approx $100 AU, got a tiny generic plastic keyboard, value about $5.

The returns policy is so expensive and onerous, I doubt anyone ever returns anything, instead accepts the 10 per cent discount ( which goes up to 15 and then 35) if you keep complaining. I think its probably their business model.

So I’ve escalated through Paypal, but really want to complain to Facebook’s advertising department. Anyone know how to do that and whether it’s worth the effort?
Or should I just go back in my box and take the 35 per cent?

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You could try and use the Paypal Shipping cost reimbursement, which you may have already started/done with your complaint to Paypal. As to Facebook I don’t know if it is worth the effort as I don’t use their pages but would assume if you purchased via a Facebook marketplace that you report it using the links on their Help page where there is a mention of how to report a Marketplace issue:


Do you have a link to the advertised product?

Where is the seller located? Australia or overseas?

Was the product new or second hand?

Was the seller a business or an individual?

These questions would be useful to determine what rights you may have under Australian Consumer Law.


Thank you!

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Thanks so much!

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Based on my interactions with Facebook, I suggest you put in the complaint just so there is a complaint made. If you are lucky they will send a stock standard reply telling you that they will look into it. In all likelyhood that will be the end of the matter.

Unless your excessively rich, famous, or otherwise influencial; don’t expect any real contact, resolution, or result from Facebook.

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