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I purchased medical goods for personal use online from Brightsky Australia on 31 December 2021 and paid by debit card . When goods were delivered I noticed one item not as order and is unsuitable for my needs. I called to advise them but was informed that due to high level of calls they would arrange a call back. No call back was received and despite several more calls still no success. Each time I called I was advised the same ‘that they could not help me or get some one who could but could only escalate for a call back’. Still no call back. I then sent a detailed message to them via their web site but still no response. After this I lodged an online complaint. Someone finally called but after only two rings (not enough time for me to answer) they hung up and left a message for me to call back. I immediately called back but got the same response that I had received before that they could not transfer me to the person who called me but ‘could only arrange a call back’ which has not been forthcoming. I then sent another online message advising what had happened and requested that they arrange immediate delivery of the correct goods under email advice to me. So far no goods have turned up and no response has been received from Brightsky. After more than two months of this and in urgent need of these medical goods I am completely frustrated by the lack of response by Brightsky. Incidentally Brightsky’s retail stores are currently closed due to Covid. What can I do to get the right goods this is really urgent?


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If the goods are urgent you should order them elsewhere. As for what you paid to Bright Sky your time may have expired to lodge a dispute (chargeback) for non-delivered or incorrect goods with your card issuer/paypal/payment system. The time limit to do so is often 60 days, sometimes 90 days issuer dependent.

Although only some of your order seems to be amiss lodge a dispute and have it sorted during the process.


Visa for this type of problem have a 120 day period, Mastercard have the same. American Express could be different. Most periods of claim are 120 days but as you note many do have variance depending on the type of claim.

Goods not as narrated generally has the longest period in which the consumer can make a request. Consumer Affairs Victoria note that depending on the type of request the periods can vary from 45 days to the 120 days that Visa/Mastercard observe for this particular problem. In all cases as you note, the sooner the claim is made the more likely it will be within any time limits that are imposed.


Tried their Facebook page?

You may not be the only one: BrightSky Australia |


Many companies operate that way :frowning: It is often an ongoing unfulfilling game of tag. They think they are shielding their staff from being bothered to maximise their ‘output’ and are dismissive of how or that their customers are inconvenienced. I am wondering if this practice is on purpose so they can connect with the fewest possible customers?

One of the worst is when you get a message to ring back a company you do business with on their main number but no clue who to ask for or what it might be about. It could be about your inquiry, it could be a problem with the account or an order, or a time wasting marketing call.


Business PABX systems do not help. Often outgoing calls from staff members come up as the common business number. You return the call to be met with some call receptionist who may or may not have a clue what you were called about.


What really irks me about this is that Brightsky is an enterprise of Forward Ability Support (formally The Paraplegic & Quadriplegic Association of NSW) a charity which accepts donations from the public. Is this the way a charitable organization should be conducting business and treating their clients. I hope they don’t treat the people they say they support in the same manner. Like Brightsky, Forward Ability Support is proving difficult to contact and appear to share resources such as premises. Incidentally Brightsky’s retail shop is not far from me but is closed due to Covid. Luckily I have finally found another supplier who can supply me with the same goods but at a much cheaper price. I am however still going to pursue this matter.

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Firstly Shopper, you have more patience than I do. It must be so frustrating to deal with businesses like that. Sadly, I think we have all had experiences of businesses ghosting customers (don’t call back or respond to customer emails). I could be wrong, but it seems to be getting worse.

I’m always polite and stick to the facts when communicating. Even so, over years, I am noticing more and more companies that will ignore past, present or future customers. I do wish the level of professionalism returns to the business world. It isn’t that difficult to say, “Thank you for contacting us, but we will not be able to assist you” or something along those lines.

Shopper, I hope you got what you needed.