Online retailer refuses to accept cancellation of duplicate order

We ordered a customised product from Hexi - all good - but a week later, forgetting we already ordered, we ordered the same product again but realised straight away and sent and email and FB post on the same day to say this was an error, a duplicate and to to cancel the order. After several attemps to contact, HEXI frontally rellplied almost a month later saying customised products cannot be be cancelled. According to their T&Cs (section 20 - see link here) they do not refund ‘changes of mind’ for customised products. But this is clearly not a ‘change of mind’ but a duplicated order (albeit a week apart) and notified IMMEDIATELY. What recourse do we have?


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Hexi appears to be an Australian business located in Port Lincoln SA. Yet their absence of phone contact would be a flag to me to avoid ordering from them. I also noticed the Shipping & Delivery link is empty. They ‘sell’ but don’t seem to ‘support’.

Their T&C have a postal address for complaints. While they appear within their rights to decline refunding what is a change of mind the main issue I have a problem with is the time it took them to reply to your form email and FB post. Not all companies check daily, and many don’t want to know you once an order has been placed, excepting for product faults.

If you had double clicked a buy now and ordered twice not once, you might reasonably argue it was a duplicate, but a week later, eyes wide open although absent mindedly, you purchased again. That causes me to understand why they are being hard edged about it being a change of mind - they may have commissioned the customised order days before reading your email/FB posts - some companies unfortunately operate that way.

By now the customised product may be in your hands, or is/was being made by their supplier and they could not recoup their money either, so it is understandable why they may be unsympathetic.

I trust your purchase was not too expensive and you may find a use for it, even as a long term backup to your original, but I don’t see your having any basic right to refund beyond Hexi’s possible good will. You could hang your hat on their untimely processing of your email/FB customer communications?

Many web merchants take the position that once a customer presses ‘buy now’ it is done and over excepting for product faults.

All I can suggest is you write to their complaints address citing your past purchase and immediate attempts to cancel the second purchase, and ask for some consideration as a goodwill gesture.

Anyone else?


It is a tricky one, but believe it would fall under ‘Change of Mind’…’t%20have%20to,from%20a%20business%20have%20expired.

The rationale for this is that you had placed the order twice and then decided you didn’t want one. It isn’t the merchant’s fault that you forgot that you had already placed the order. If you had bought same item from a shop and then returned one after realising you already had another in the cupboard, this would be change of mind. If the merchant had accidentally charged you twice, this would be a different situation.

The opportunity to try and receive a refund will be limited. A credit card charge back won’t be successful as it sits outside the standard grounds for getting a chargeback.

It will be up to Hexi whether they decide to issue you with a refund for Change of Mind. It is worth noting that many companies don’t provide refunds for change of mind, however, some do offer alternatives such as a store credit or exchange for a similar valued product. It might be worth approaching Hexi to see if they are interested in the later two especially since they have indicated that they don’t do refunds for change of mind.


I concur with others that this is a change of mind issue, and you don’t really have a right to any refund. But, this seems to be an online seller that has a bad level of communication and customer service. To be avoided.
Maybe make it known to them that their problem in that area has come to the attention of Choice. They may offer you a refund or credit out of the sensible considerations of being good to customers. They may fix their communications problem as well.


Reviews for Hexi on Product Review.

Some 65 out of a total of 110 reviews are 1 star and the common theme is that their “customer service” is appaling.

Why not make that 66 1 star reviews?

They certainly respond to the negative feedback on Product Review despite previously simply ignoring complaints.

Obviously an outfit to avoid like the plague.



I see the only hope of getting any support under ACL is that the item/s when received have any of the listed reasons for support:

  • it has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying it if they’d known about it
  • it is significantly different from the sample or description
  • it is substantially unfit for its common purpose and can’t easily be fixed within a reasonable time
  • it doesn’t do what you asked for and can’t easily be fixed within a reasonable time; or
  • it is unsafe.

The ProductReview site listings often refer to the poor quality, being not what was expected and similar complaints in addition to poor customer support. This may offer some hope, you would need to inspect the items carefully to ensure they meet or don’t meet any of the above listed reasons.


Hi everyone - thanks for your input - it is clear it was an expensive mistake on our side. Have taken Fred’s advice and posted a review. Feel better. Also posted PhilT’s observations on ‘red flags’ for service - helpful advice. I think I will move on now… thanks again…


Have you tried contacting them to ask if they will do a


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Please keep us updated on how things turn out.