Online purchase no goods when arrive

I purchased an item online at Kathmandu outdoor store to find out it was not available when turning up to collect. The lady said will contact me once it arrives. It’s first time I had this ever happen before. I was calm and patient. She mentioned a glitch in the system. I will wait and see what happens.

If the item can’t be delivered in a reasonable time, you have a right to ask for a refund.

Alternatively, Kathmandu do offer free delivery for items over $100. It may be possible to amend the order to have it delivered - this may be a quicker option if the item is needed shortly. You might be able to negotiate free delivery for <$100 order since they have already inconvenienced you. The only downside is if it isn’t the right size or fit, it may be more of a hassle to get it sorted.


I ordered a pair of gloves to be picked up in store locally where I live. Sorry if I made it seem like a, delivery. The lady was, accommodating. I can’t say ever had something like it happen before.

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Apologies, I meant

Yes true but it is a click and collect order. I did mention about grabbing something else but she said they will contact me. I really wanted to just cancel it or buy something else equivalent amount. Since they have no idea what happen to the goods i have to wait. I will contact them again and if nothing happens I will ask to see the manager. She, spoke to the store manager and said i would have to wait for the order to come in. What would you do if you were told the, same as i was. Would you escalate it further or wait

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I would be asking for a refund, as I did when this happened to me through digidirect. I had ordered a lens which they claimed to have in stock, it did not arrive and had not been sent by the time I found it in another online store. I said I would like a refund and basically, they said “ok!” and it was all good.

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Did you receive a confirmation email, SMS or something else to advise the order had been accepted and additionally confirmation the product was ready to pick up? The T&C’s able to be viewed at the time of order should have advised how deliver/ready for pick up is determined and advised. EG the expected time and date the product would be ready, but often subject to a follow up confirmation it is in store awaiting your arrival.

One store I use click and collect for provides a stock status, expected time before it will be available for pick up. There is a clear advice and warning not to turn up until a subsequent email/SMS has been received to say the item had actually been picked, packaged and labelled ready for pickup at the store counter.

Remedy for a failure by a supplier to meet their contract to deliver is broadly covered by
Not receiving products or services that are paid for | ACCC.

Having a record of a confirmation the order is ready for pickup is important if you intended to cancel the order and request a refund. The ACCC guide mentions:

  • If businesses can’t supply a product or service that a consumer has paid for, on time or within a reasonable time, then the business must provide a solution.
  • If a consumer doesn’t receive a product or service they’ve paid for on time or within a reasonable time, there can be various reasons. It doesn’t necessarily mean the business has broken the law.
  • It’s against the law for businesses to take payment for products or services when they know they won’t be able to supply them.

A consumer may be entitled to demand a full refund and possibly compensation for the losses arising from the trip to pick up the order. This will depend on whether the failure was to deliver on time and the details of the promises made by the supplier re delivery. One could also accept free delivery of the item when it becomes available in lieu of cancelling and demanding a full refund.

A “glitch in the system” if that is how Kathmandu explained the failure is a poor explanation for their failure. Worse if they cannot provide any assurance of the expected delivery as they’re part of any remedy.

Kathmandu like most large retailers will have an online link to raise a complaint through. Most usually respond same day or next business day. We’ve done so with other suppliers when seeking updates or remedies.


The store assistant wasn’t inclined to get the manager involved no idea ehy not. I clearly received an email saying it eas ready to pick up where i had chosen to collect. No doubt. She said it had happened elsewhere. I went in yesterday as i hadn’t gone in on the day they said was, ready. I received the email on 24th ready to collect ok. I sure won’t be buying through them anymore. First time happen with any online order.i will give them until a, certain time then go further

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Store policy is to hold the order for collection 14 days. After which they will follow up and attempt to contact the customer.

Click & Collect - Collecting your order in store : Help Centre Australia.

It should not be an issue to go in a day or two or more latter than when notice is received the order is ready for pickup.


Understanding of what you mean. Usually its not an issue with collecting click and collect. First time for me. Pretty bizarre. The store assistant checked in the system had no order. She proceeded to check with the manager came back and said that isan issue with the system. I got no idea how often it occurs in any store. When i asked about wanting a refund or exchange she said wait until the order arrives. Not sure why it matter for. Im no expert. Also they took my number to call me. How long i wait depends say i give it till mid next week. Go further than that

A “glitch in the system” can simply be that someone didn’t do their job properly.

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Yes true. Its, a first for me not having the order available when turning up

Im being put through the rin around with Kathmandu. Pretty pathetic service. They don’t seem to have a clue what they are doing. I emailed them saying its not my fault. I got a reply back saying i can return the item either by post or via, store. I tried telling them i had not received the order which was supposed to be picked up store. What a bad way to run it. I even came on by saying i am the customer and, all. Why the manager in store didn’t step in to help originally is beyond my thinking.

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I received a message from Kathmandu saying are sorry about the confusion regarding my online order. They have told me that i will receive a full refund upon tbey receive a receipt from the store. Anyway i will be checking my bank account for the refund amount.


Been there, they do call when it arrives. They also offer a refund.

I was refunded and offered the item free after it arrived.

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I got a refund when i explained it was not my fault. Still can’t believe how the store manager refuse to show a face. Pretty bad from their end. How many unhappy people they will annoy

They rang me to tell me that the item I want is out of stock and told me I will be refunded. When the item arrived they let me know and asked me to go to the store and show them their email.
I received the item free of charge.

Good Customer Service. Better than I expected.


Who was this with.