Online food labelling

I have just tried “to let my fingers do the walking” in relation to Tuscan sausages (this is how the Internet can sabotage your day…) as a result of a recipe I liked the look of: discovered that attempting to compare the W/worths & Coles versions was vastly different.
W/w sell a branded sausage, Coles a Home Brand - what a difference in online product information!

So, I have sent Coles an email complaining about the lousy nutritional & ingredient data access online for their pork sausage, also included that I am a CHOICE subscriber & a member of C/Community - and that I would be sharing my complaint with the Community… and any response/s from them.
Should full nutritional/ingredient/health star food product labelling be a legal requirement for online stores, as it is in traditional stores?




Here’s the recipe FYI (UK winter, but celeriac is in season here…)


Whatever information is on the product packaging - such that you would have access to that information if buying in person in the store - should be available on the web site.

Woolworths does seem to be significantly ahead of Coles for that pair of comparable products.

Buy the product from Woolworths to reward them for providing a better service?