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I’m researching the longevity of the OLED technology which was a reported issue.
Could be as little as 3 years :(.

Do you guys have any information on how the end of useful life is determined by industry?
Is it when the brightness falls to 50%? .

Here are a few links I’ve seen. (a biased view I would think)
OLED is brilliant but expensive and taking longevity into account the cost per year could be enormous.


Very timely and interesting post .

I wonder if the OLED life extension is in the current models since the article that referred to the 100000 hours was from mid 2016. Hope so.

ULED is just a proprietary form of LED. OLED service life is now comparable with other display technologies. (According to LG, it’s better - but they make OLEDs.) Regardless of display technology, the life of a TV will commonly end because of component failure outside the panel.