Old style cotton buds found

In the recent choice magazine I read with interest the article about plastic, in particular item # 5 about cotton buds. I must confess I do like to clean my ears with a cotton bud but years ago when Johnson & Johnson changed the stems to plastic I switched to Dove Organic, as I much rather preferred the paper stem. Eventually they were no longer available, I searched high and low and finally found Q-Tips from Costco, made in USA and most importantly old style paper stem. Maybe the Government needs to ban manufacturing of these plastic stems, especially for a single use item.


If you have the ability to buy online, there are ones like this which can be purchased…

Agree about one use plastic items. Plastic has become a convenient and cheap material to use for such purposes, but will be around/in the environment for potentially 1000s of years, where a dotton bud may he used for a few minutes. Something does not quite add up.

Also, I hope you have medical advice supporting use of cotton buds for cleaning ears…as a ENT specialist used to say to me the smallest thing one should stick in one’s ears is an elbow.


Thanks for that. I’ll try my elbow:)


My doctor many years ago said the same thing.

But my doctor now said I had two options: use them every day or let him do it when I see him again.
Amongst the issues it seems are ; if you aren’t very careful you can easily puncture your ear drum which is painful and problematic and you can push the gunk further into your ear canal making the problem worse…