NSW Covid Check-in and Tracing Failures

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When NSW Health updates their
website with new Covid Case Locations/Exposure Sites, they don’t automatically look at the Check-In information they gather from the App and contact the affected people.

My father is still waiting to be contacted regarding a location where he was checked-into 7 days ago that was posted on the NSW Health website yesterday. We double checked his Check-in History in the app and he was definitely at the location at the exposure time.

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*I got nothing.…… *



As he is aware that he was at the site and probably considered at least a casual if not a close contact then being proactive in getting a test and isolating until clear (which may mean 14 days and 3 tests in that time) is the way to go. Also ring/contact NSW Health now to see if further testing and quarantine is required. Waiting without taking those steps may mean unwanted contact may occur because precautions were not taken.

Contact tracing is taking 2 days after an exposure site is listed, delays may be getting longer even past that 48 hours as numbers ramp up. NSW listing sites helps by allowing people to check rather than waiting to be contacted.

If unsure there is also another website that can help decide what action should be taken by a potentially exposed person it is:


You can zoom into individual exposure sites and read the recommendations for that site.


It appears ‘my father’ and @78Therese are atop it. The post is about what @78Therese considers a failing of the NSW check-in and contact tracing process.

If the NSW tracers do not use it, and use it timely, what is its purpose if not just window dressing? One would expect when a new site is discovered its check-in history would be run within hours (at the latest) if not minutes, and SMS sent to every check-in on record. If not, why not?


Thank you, we have already started the testing etc and are following the advice that NSW Health has given on their website.

It’s just he/we would never have known if it wasn’t for our good neighbour. Also I just honestly thought that’s how they would use our information they have readily available and that we would of at least got a text message.


I guess because the numbers could be huge and resources less than adequate for the current task they have. While numbers were smaller I’m guessing they could have been more timely, now they face a huge hurdle. Not contacted as yet but know that I have been in an exposure site then I take the steps advised on the NSW Health site until advised otherwise or 14 days have passed with clear test/tests.

@78Therese No problem, I think the issue is they are overwhelmed by the growth of the cases and the numbers of associated contacts. Checking the NSW Health website as well as registering attendance at sites we visit is good personal practice, waiting on Govt can sometimes be a lesson in futility and frustration.

An article which has “spoken” about the load that is causing Contact Tracing to fall over, and it appears to confirm the numbers are moving too fast for the Tracers to keep up.


What is a huge number on even a modest PC these days? If they could not run a standard report integrated into their check-in system database the responsible entity leadership have been sitting on their behinds and should be sacked for incompetence from my viewpoint. It is not as if this is still day 1.

I know you know. Pardon the pseudo language

Access database
Open {SiteID}
While {Return} IsNotNull From {StartDateandTime} to {EndDateandTime}
send SMS to {ReturnNumber}

I suggest any modest server could more than handle such a complex task with the numbers of businesses in NSW and the numbers of check-ins. Shouldn’t even a novice programmer be able to cobble it together from ‘report writing for dummies’?

As analogy, imagine if there was an atmospheric event and the major weather services could not run HYSPLIT at the drop of a hat - I may be showing my age and there are probably other models now, but HYSPLIT was once the standard for emergency use! Tracing a pandemic seems similarly important to human life, and deserving of the same attention, rigour, and ‘infrastructure’.

If they cannot do it, to me there would be no defence beyond sheer incompetence and lack of planning and foresight, all pushed aside for window dressing and ‘it will be so good tomorrow’?

That suggest NSW check-in is a winner equal to COVIDSafe?


I agree it should have been done, but so far the experience from media reports and Govt action would seem to indicate it is something they haven’t yet got right (being kind here). :8ball:

I also think any State’s check in and listing process is vastly better than that App. That includes in it’s assessment even the numbers of those who do not Check In. What a waste of money on our behalf but I’m also believing that it was welcomed in others pockets and wouldn’t be seen as a waste by the receivers of the largesse :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:(Singing “Money for nothing” “ That ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it
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And that’s why I am at a loss.


How good would Traffic Reports for the Covid Testing Clinics be?

In lieu of using the electronic check-in data from each site, and publishing it on the web for others to access, as this seems WAY too easy or Vic Lorusso up in the Chopper, there are so many easy ways to do this like clinic staff reporting in, ideally at least every hour, which could go straight to a website people can check before they leave home.

Or a community-based situation where we start a Community Covid Testing Clinic Traffic Update Initiative that encourages individuals to report their experience as they go, either on an official webpage associated with The NSW Government or on Social Media or anywhere really. All we need is a Central reference point - a place where people know they can go to update and get the information.

This information for the Community would be a game- changer! We could make informed decisions about where we go to get tested

So much less heartache, confusion, anger, stress, road rage, abuse, arguments, car accidents and waiting in queues for hours; the clinic staff will directly benefit as a result, in addition to their workload potentially being a bit more evenly distributed. Other road users and the entire local neighbourhood will be overjoyed not to have kilometres of traffic congestion, streets blocked, police directing traffic and changed traffic conditions.



There seems like there must be a better and more efficient way.

Another option would be one registers for a test the day before and the testers go the the residence. Text sent 5 minutes before tester arrival with message to wait at the front gate/footpath. Testing could be done at the front gate/footpath.

With registering the day before, residence locations processed using GIS for determining quickest route to capture each resident test efficiently.

Advantage of residential testing is you don’t have the potentially infected being out and about in the community… such as the temptation of doing other things on the way there or home.

Disadvantage may be cost and resource requirements.


We only had any symptoms and got tested once so far, but in Vic the web site showed an expected waiting time for each mass test site. That was weeks ago so it may have changed but we were able to look at the local testing locations and head for the one with the least wait shown. It was advisory at best and I know not how they ‘powered’ the estimated time but it worked for us.

As with your other topic it is revealing how inept the NSW government seems to have been and apparently remains.


I merged the two topics related to NSW COVID testing and tracing as they are complementary (although not at all complimentary) noting each state is doing its own thing more or less capably with more or less success to date.


Thank you!

Any and all ideas and suggestions are most welcome!

Sounds good but considering the current climate and constant kerfuffles, I can’t even imagine how long it’ll be before we are at that stage.

I think we are stuck with the current messy process as is - A bunch of private pathology companies running their own individual races.


Thank you.

Much appreciated.


From my personal experience in Melbourne, the situation has always been very fluid. Any information would be very soon out of date.
Case in point: I had a bad sore throat and went to the nearest hospital to be tested, couldn’t have been easier, no waiting time, got ‘clear’ result within hours.
Suddenly we went into lockdown and the queuing line at that same site was a very long one.

My own experience wouldn’t have been of any use to any one.


As far as I’m aware we definitely don’t have that in NSW.

The information being advisory at best is fine.at least it’s something. It would help the many people who have needlessly spent hours and hours in their car, waiting in a queue to get tested.


I find it interesting that people would go to great lengths to get ‘Tested’ but many resist being ‘Vaccinated’ which would be of a much greater help to them and to the community.


Are there any stats that suggest [m]any anti-vaxxers are in the testing queues? Just wondering as I wouldn’t expect them to be engaging at any level, and pushing back at each.


I don’t think they’d be anti-Vax per se.
In Melbourne, at least, the resistance is lessening, but there’s a long way to go.


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