November 2020 Food Challenge: What I have for Breakfast

The November Food Challenge is about breakfast. Breakfast is often referred to by nutritionists as ‘the most important meal of the day’. Breakfast is important for good reason as it replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness, and increases the level of essential nutrients required for good health.

The health benefits of eating breakfast have been well proven. It kick starts your energy levels for the day and increases the ability to concentrate in the short term. It can also help with better weight management and, has shown to reduce risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Let us know about your most important meal of the day.

  • Do you have a hot cooked breakfast, continental style breakfast or something else?
  • Do you have the same breakfast every day or are there days when special breakfast is had?
  • What do you have regularly from Monday to Sunday?

Tell us what you have and how you have it.

The most comprehensive and interesting reply will be awarded a Food Champions Badge.

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Two slices of toast with Strawberry Jam spread on them . No butter or Marg . Beverage wise is a cup of black decaf tea .


Regularly I have home made muesli with home made yoghurt and soy milk. Usually with a banana (sometimes home grown) sliced over it, but at this time of year I have home grown cherries instead :cherries:
Sometimes I also have a couple of slices of toast or a fried egg fresh from our chooks.


I just had what I have for breakfast most mornings.

A cup of coffee using Dairy Farmers Heart Active milk with 3 teaspoons of demerara sugar and 2 teaspoons of Moccona Indulgence coffee for my heart starter.

Followed by a slice of toasted Coles Bakery Low GI High Fibre 7 seeds & grains bread, buttered with ProActiv Buttery, topped with a rasher of Bertocchi Hickory Smoked Bacon and a fried local Yamagishi egg on top, with a couple of Coles Cocktail Truss Tomatoes cut in half and grilled on the side, with freshly ground pepper and salt and Sriracha sauce.

Then finally, a small pear with a little help from our little dog.

P.S. I overlooked the 4 Sunsweet prunes I have each morning whilst my coffee is heating up.


hi folks!
Most days, as I am wfh and lazy at the moment, I will have:

  • two slices of wholemeal toast or white toast (Not sandwich bread, that’s too thin), with butter, honey or vegemite
  • An instant coffee (depends what tickles my fancy at the store) with milk and sugar.

Sometimes when I am not working, I will have an egg or something. Today, pancakes.
Monday to Sunday: toast. Generally. Maybe with an egg. When we were allowed delivery breakfast it would have been a bacon and egg muffin.


Mr Z has some autism, so routine is very important, no empathy (can’t understand that I would want to do anything different). His breakfast (which he has eaten since childhood with the same spoon and enamel dish) is 4 Weetbix, 4 tablespoons of white sugar; followed by a thick slice of white bread (prefers to cut from an unsliced loaf) toasted to a burnt state, thick butter, sliced fresh tomato, salt & pepper. The toasting routine is important - pre-heat the toaster for one cycle, place bread, toast for half then cancel and turn upside down and toast again.

After 14 years of cajoling from me, a health scare, and the doctor pronouncing him “morbidly obese” and gasping “That’s TWO breakfasts!” he reduced his intake. He lost about 15kg.

He now has 3 Weetbix, 3 tablespoons of calorie reduced sugar (Splenda or Hermastos), a thick slice of multi-grain from an unsliced loaf, burnt as usual, butter, fresh tomato & pepper.

I went on the Total Wellbeing Diet (CSIRO) and tried a variety of breakfasts - Overnight Oats, scrambled eggs, muesli, all very tasty, but had to put up with constant complaining from him as watching me eat something different was outside his comfort zone. So I went back to eating the toast he provided and after 14 years have convinced him to burn mine just a little less than his. I sometimes put vegemite or honey on mine when he’s not looking.


Same breakfast every day. 2 Wheat biscuits (Aldi version of WeetBix) with Aldi untoasted continental premium Muesli and Norco whole milk. Cup of milky coffee made from Aldi beans, I have a grinder. You can guess which supermarket chain is closest to home.


I have a Optifast™/Optislim™ shake + about 100g of higher protein foods eg chicken meat, salmon or an egg. Sometimes add in a slice of lower carb bread eg Atkins™, Apline Bakeries, ALDI lower carb breads (all about 75% less carbs than normal breads).


It’s the full English brekky for me. Sausage, bacon, fried eggs, tomato, mushrooms, baked beans and a hash brown or two.
But sigh I made the mistake of glancing in the mirror while getting dressed, so I guess it is a cup of coffee with low fat milk, and some toast and marmalade or vegemite after all.


From Monday to Friday the staple for me is:

  • Two plain breakfast biscuits (Weetbix, Vitabrix or what every is on special)
  • about 1/2 cup of high fibre bran (Woolworths brand)
  • about 1/2 cup of raw oat bran
  • about 1/2 cup cereal (usually the flake and fruit varieties and what is on special when we shop)
  • about 1/2 cup of home made muesli (rolled oats, quick oats, dried fruit which is usually dates and cranberries, desiccated coconut, oat bran, high fibre bran and a pinch of cinnamon for flavour).
  • enough milk to cover it all when in a bowl

On Saturday and Sunday, usually have:

  • porridge made with milk and honey or stewed fruit.

Homemade muesli: raw oats, Pepitas, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, chopped assorted nuts, Organic dried berries (No sulphates) enjoyed with Greek yogurt, and fresh seasonal fruit. My break fast is eaten at 12noon. I have lots of water after l rise at 6.30am.


Water and a double espresso


Pronto! :wink:


(ignoring the ‘breakfast of champions’ joke, which isn’t actually a joke :wink: )

weekdays, a cup of milk kefir and a 30km ride on a superbike.

weekends … :wink:


Varies: vege & goat cheese frittata with salad; or home made toasted sourdough with butter and (generally) a savoury topping which could include sprouts, tomato, seeds and a little coleslaw dressing/mayo; or an egg with salad or steamed or roasted veges. This morning two friends and I had scrambled eggs with mushrooms, sprouts, spinach, tomato, avocado, roasted beetroot and falafel.



  • A freshly squeezed citrus juice ( grapefuit, orange, or lemon ) with the pulp but not the seeds.
  • Untoasted ALDI muesli with a few unsweetened cranberries added, with low fat cow’s milk.
  • A slice of sourdough or wholemeal with butter and Marmite, Vegemite, or marmalade/jam ( often bought from a market stall when travelling ).


  • On weekends and when working from home, a flat white coffee made with beans from a local roaster.

At home in Oz, Variety - not Kellogg’s.
But nothing out of the Aussie ordinary.

Of course when we are all allowed to travel again, eat as the locals might?

Fortunately for tourists, that is optional in Italy. A long or short espresso consumed from the bar as you walk down the street. No time to stop, no where to sit. Dry slightly dusted bun optional. Difficult not to conform when staying with the extended family?

It’s easy to last all day on a traditional English hotel cooked breakfast. More like a main daily meal. A great way to start the day kippers and all, but not every day?

Stay somewhere traditional in Japan and expect the unexpected. Last nights offerings reconfigured as cold servings, pickled seaweed, etc with sides of steaming rice and hot miso.

Of course, one can also choose a more leisurely morning pace and eat out. In that instance anything is possible, even clown food?

The best breakfast, likely the first one when back home. Two poached eggs, on avocado and toasted light rye bread, baked beans and a fried tomato.


I have a miso soup just before going to bed each night but it would probably be great to have another one at breakfast time.


Ping Pong balls?