Norton total headache and rip off

I had recently brought Norton 360 Platinum, I had spent hours trying to get a password file up to their password manager with no luck, I had finally found a way to get in contsct with them they charged me a $5.99 fee for so called tech support, to be told that no one can upload a password file at the moment and they have been working on it for over a month to fix this issue. It took over my computers, drains my battery on my phone and android tablet. Trying to get a full refund within the 30/60 day trial period, its been a nightmare. To be told by Harvey Normans I have to go through Norton’s to get the refund, again with them neglecting on their duties, as I had purchases it from them and I was told by norton I have to go back to Harvey Normans to get the refund. At least you can find a number to easy call Bitdefender you do not have to go through all these hoops to find a number like Norton’s and their products actually work and do not take over eveything. I have put my bit defender total security back on to my android tablet and mobile abd my main computer so far, and pushing for a full refund of $440 from harvey normans


HN franchisees have a spotty history of stepping up to their responsibilities under the ACL.

I suggest your write a formal Letter of Complaint (advice on how available on the Community, from Choice, and from the ACCC web sites) citing your rights, claims about the product, your experience with the product, your claims supporting your assertion the product is faulty because […] and thus not fit for purpose, and that you require a refund with a date for response. Give it to the store manager and if possible include their name and the name of the franchisee in the salutation. Keep in mind you are dealing with the specific store not a company called ‘Harvey Norman’.

Include some references to

Let us know how it goes.


For subscriptions, it is important to ascertain who is responsible for the refund.

The Norton website suggests that they might be responsible for refunds for cancelled subscriptions…

It states it can be done online:

If you purchased a Norton product from an au shop and wish to make a refund, you can apply for a refund online. Norton has a money-back guarantee within 60days of purchasing your annual product.

It also says:

The following information is required for application, so please have it ready in advance.

  • Receipt at the time of purchase
  • The registration number printed on the package

The package will be that you purchased as online subscriptions through NortonLock will be downloadables. Hopefully you still have the package otherwise a refund may be denied. The can deny a refund as it fits into a Change of Mind, which sits outside the Australian Consumer Law.

Also check any documentation which came with the the subscription purchase (in the package) to see if this also sheds any light.

I would go back to NortonLock with the above information if you can’t instigate a refund online before the 60 days is up.

Harvey Norman may be unable to refund a subscription service as they won’t know if it has been activated nor control its deactivation if it has. HN change of mind policy would also apply, not that of NortonLock. It is highly likely HN change of mind policy does not allow refunds for software/subscription which packaging has been opened or activated. This removes HN ability to refund under their change of mind policy.

Let us know how you get on with trying to apply for a refund online with NortonLock. The link to the refund site is in the above link.

No packaging as I brought over the phone and product codes were sent via sms

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If that is the case, HN online change of mind policy applies, namely:

Please choose carefully as refunds are not normally provided where you have simply changed your mind, made a wrong selection or simply found the goods cheaper elsewhere

The only chance you have for a refund is for NortonLock to honour their own policy.

Norton told me that I have to go back to Harvey Norman for the full refund

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Read the link I provided in an earlier post.

You should be able to claim a refund through NortonLock online. The link to their online refund site is also in the above link.

NortonLock will be responsible for upholding their Change of Mind Policy (during the trial period), which is the 60 day money back guarantee. They are the ones making this offering to consumers buying their products, not Harvey Noman.

See if you can obtain a refund without the packaging registration number. Check to see if you have a registration number for the online purchase.

The process for applying for a refund is (from the drop-down in the above link):

  1. Go to the online refund site
  2. After entering your registered mobile number, select how you would like to receive the verification code. Receive by short mail or Receive by voice call. Once you receive the verification code, enter the code and click Login.
    Sample alt text
    Sample alt text
  3. Click Person Mark at the top of the license information screen.
    License information screen
  4. Click Money-Back-Guarantee on My page.
    Money-Back-Guarantee on My page
  5. Click “Apply refund” on the Money-Back-Guarantee page.
  6. Enter the email address where you will receive the application URL and click Apply. The system will send you an email with the application URL.
  • Title: Norton 60days Money-Back-Guarantee Service application information
  • Sender: Norton 60days Money-Back Guarantee Service office
    It will be sent within 1 minute after you enter your email address.
  1. Click the application URL provided in the email above.
  2. The Money-back Guarantee application screen will open. Enter the following information.
  • Email address
  • Registration number
  • Purchase shop name
  • Reason for refund
  1. Take a picture of the information required for the application and attach them. Please read the notices carefully on the refund website.
  • Receipt at the time of purchase
  • The registration number is printed on the package
    Registration number printed on the package
  1. After completing the above input, click confirm.
  2. The completion notification screen will be displayed, so please have “the authentication code” in handy.
    Sample alt text
    If the authentication code is not displayed at the end of the completion page, click " Go to My page" and click ”Money-Back- Guarantee”, then lastly click “application history”. Please see here for the details.
  3. You will receive an email with your application result. (Application approval or rejection)
  • Title: One of the following
    • Norton 60-days money-back guarantee service application acceptance completion information
    • Norton 60 days money-back guarantee service application information.
  • Sender: Norton 60 days money-back guarantee service office
    13.About 3-5 business days* after application (It may change depending on the degree of congestion).
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