Non-Toxic Flame Retardent Research

An article regarding research into a non-toxic flame retardment using natural products.

In addition to the suggested uses in the home, perhaps it could be used as a substitute for the inflammable building cladding such as used on the Grenfell Tower.

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The use of flammable foams in building insulation is not limited to high rise building cladding.

Many cheap house upgrades use moulded polymer sheeting with foam backing. These often clad timber or fibre cement sheeted homes. In industrial use, zincalum clad foam sandwich panels are commonly used where insulating properties are required. Insurers can place a premium on fire hazard where these products are found.

The potential may be far greater if the product technology is proven to be durable as well as effective.

P.S. I wonder how many everyday homes have an increased fire hazard due to the use of flammable insulating materials used in cladding?