Noisy bottom mount fridge?

Hi, I am researching the different bottom mount fridges that are not wider than 70cm. There are a few available. One thing I am concerned about is the level of noisiness. Unfortunately that is not discussed much. Has anyone experience with
LG 420L GB-455PL
Westinghouse 425L WBE4500BC-R

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I cannot state how noisy your target models are, but one also needs to consider where they will be installed as that adds or subtracts from the perceived noise levels of the fridge itself, as well as the type and frequency of noise the compressor makes when running. It can be perceived as vibrating, humming, or just ‘motor running’ and be of a pitch that is objectionable or a pitch that one finds innocuous. While noise can be quantified as a decibel number for comparison, what irritates one person may be irrelevant to another - it is subjective so the only advice is to find one of each plugged in and have a listen.

Choice publishes noise factors in their test reports for those models tested (member content).

These anecdotal reports might be helpful.


Are bottom mounts inclined to be noisy? I want one and I really don’t know. My current top mount Westinghouse 340L (now 8 years old) is not in the least bit noisy but I have seen reviews of it which say it is… I suspect it may all be about personal perception and tolerance.


That is the case, as well as where the fridge is positioned that can amplify or dampen various sounds.

Our bottom mount (a 19 years old Amana) has never been obtrusive or objectionable although we know when it cycles on.


Yes I have found our fisher pAykel bottom mount to be noisy not so with our older regular top mount fridge, but we just get used to it. Mostly motor cuts in and out. It seems loud when there is no other noise eg tv is off. Still enjoy convenience of bottom mount. :grinning:


I question whether the bottom mount freezer is going to be any noiser as they still have the motor down the bottom (on the ones where I have seen the motors).

I think that the noise factor actually depends on many things and varies from model to model. You would also need to consider the environment it will go into;

  • Do you have tile floors, wood board, floating wood, lino, etc?
  • How much space do you have around the fridge for the sound to escape?
  • How solid are the surrounding cupboards? Will they act as a sounding board, or are they rigid?
  • What’s the amient noise level?
  • What’s the amient temperature in the kitchen? (The warmer it is the harder the fridge will have to work.)

Also as others have said, you will become desensitized to the sound over time anyway.